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May 11, 2007

Friday Recap: Donut Denial Edition

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Happy Friday, people! I hope it’s as pretty where you are as it is in Southern California today. Don’t hate me if it’s not. I didn’t make you live there.

Fun Fact About Lisa: There are few things that defined my childhood/early teens better than Beverly Hills 90210. Sometimes my Brandon Walsh doll was the only one who understood me. This is why John Aboud and Michael Colton’s re-creation of the 90210 theme song is wickedly awesome. It will give you the strength to tackle the rest of your day.

Actually, I take that back.

Life is no longer worth living. Last week I found out my car will give me cancer and this week the news got even worse. Popcorn will give me lung cancer, the iPod has killing powers, drinking Starbucks is equal to devil worship, and Google says Americans are dumb. I’m going to go sit in my Aveo until I taste like cancer.

If the sad state of the world has left you yearning for a good cry, here’s a list of the 25 Most Exquisitely Sad Songs in the Whole World to get you started. You supply the tissues.

If you’re not going to sit in your cancer-inducing car and wait for death, you’ll need to learn how to fake a smile. The trick is to look interested without looking like a deranged psycho. (Pay attention, Susan. You’ll need this for when we let you out for SMX Seattle.) [Wait, you’re going to make me talk to people? I thought I got to sit in a corner and blog then go back to my room. –Susan] You’re my “boss”. I can’t technically make you do anything. Bruce, however, can. You may want to talk to someone about being medicated that week, and for your brother’s wedding, and possibly for the rest of your life.

Something for new parents to keep in mind: Babies and cobras do not make good playmates. Keep the baby away from the cobra.

Someone’s lying and claiming that Gmail users are young and wealthy. We are? Maybe they meant Gmail founders are young and wealthy. I’m just young.

MarketingDrone conducted a super scientific test to see which presidential candidate is running the best search engine marketing campaign. Head over there to find out the winner, but here are two takeaways: John Edwards is SEM retarded and Rudy Giuliani is an elitist. (It’s okay; I’m from New York, I can say that.)

ResourceShelf shows that we’re not too concerned with others guessing our passwords. It’s probably bad that all my passwords are written on a Post-it and taped to my desk lamp, huh?

Special thanks to Vanessa Fox for trying to ruin my day. The one Friday we don’t get doughnuts and she has to rub it in our face. Real nice, Vanessa.

Nathan Weinberg had some fun with Google Suggest this week and I giggled through the whole thing like the little girl I secretly am. It was sad in a very adorable way.

Seth Godin does an excellent job summing up the essence of Web 2.0.

Jeremy Zawodny tried to trick us all with a riddle that involves a giraffe, an elephant and a refrigerator. I got the riddle, however, I can’t for the life of me spell refrigerator. Where does the “d” go?

WebProNews discovered a social network for the unemployed called Layoffspace. Maybe the reason these people don’t have jobs is because they spend too much time on social networking sites. (And don’t get paid for it like I do.) Just a thought.

Reader Poll: It’s Friday afternoon. Which route do you take to your office? I’m a red line girl. It limits the chance of Bruce finding out that I am once again barefoot.

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week:

That’s it from me. Remember that Sunday is Mother’s Day. It’s not something you want to forget, especially if you forgot your mother’s birthday last year. Right, Susan? [This time, it’s totally Robert’s fault. I asked him weeks ago what we were doing for her this year and he failed utterly.–Susan] – I’m so sorry, Mrs. Esparza.

[Speaking of daughters and birthdays: Happy birthday, Mom!]

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5 responses to “Friday Recap: Donut Denial Edition”

  1. Lisa writes:

    That’s not too odd. I named my dog Donna Martin Graduates (DMG for short).

  2. Bob Weber writes:

    Back in the mid 90s I had two good friends (roomates in fact) that were completely infatuated with 902010. The humorous thing about it was that they both were redneck, long hair, 80s throwback construction workers, a lot like Diedrich Bader in Office Space minus the drugs.

    They were so enthralled by the show that one of them named his dog Dylan and married a girl that looks suspiciously like Jennie Garth…

  3. jsleonardeml writes:

    I love the friday recap- I always find at least 1 new blog to subscribe to!

  4. stalker writes:

    Nice roundup, enjoyed it.

  5. graywolf writes:

    Susan is coming to SMX? Cool I’ll go sit next to her in back and talk to her while she’s trying to blog …

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