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May 25, 2007

Friday Recap 05/25/2007

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Search Engine Land decided to become completely confusing this week and put everything in different "lands". Okay, so what’s in Searching Land? And GYM gets their own land but Ask is forced to live with AOL? That’s not fair. And then there’s a button I’m supposed to pretend doesn’t exist even though I can see it because I have eyes? I’m so confused. At least all those columns are off in their own land. Is there anyone besides me and Susan who doesn’t have a Search Engine Land column? I have a headache.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Laycock says that click here is evil. Um, excuse me? Clearly, Jennifer has never met our version of click here. It’s great; you’ll never be productive again.

While I’m still somewhat on topic and talking about search, here’s my plug for the first-ever Virginia meetup for search marketers, which takes place June 10th in Vienna, VA. If you’re in the area you should go. Why? Because Simon Heseltine is my buddy. And super nice.

My last bit of actual search news is kind of sad. Susan (finally) went on a date with a nice boy named Jamison Stone this week, and well, she didn’t make it out alive. She’ll be missed. Or at least we’ll pretend for a day. [I hate you so much. –Susan] – Funniest. Picture. Ever.

GigaOm’s Liz Gannes spoke to a bunch of Silicon Valley high schoolers regarding technology and what they’d like to change. Deep insights included one student asking for more USB ports. Why? Oh, let her explain:

"I always think it’s kind of cruel when somebody has to choose between their mouse and their printer."

If you listen, you can hear the gum smacking.

I’m totally loving the Hitwise to Go blog lately, which tells me that "plus sized lingerie" is the most search for term containing "plus sized", and that the Utah Jazz is the most searched for basketball team. Which one do you find most disturbing?

Get It In Writing posted a list of the Top 20 Words You Use In Speech or Copywriting That Make You Look Stupid. My favorite ‘word’ will always be "irregardless" because someone who shall remain nameless uses it far too often in casual conversation around here. And then Susan’s head explodes! [My new favorite is “passive tense”. Where did these people go to school? –Susan]

Here are a few videos you absolutely have to watch. One will warm your soul, another will makes you extremely uncomfortable, and one will…oh, just watch them:

Like a video, but not, here’s a fun game that involves ladybugs. The little Japanese girl responsible for the soundtrack will keep you coming back for days.

I don’t read too many things that have the power to make me giggle uncontrollably with tears running down my face, but What to Do with Hotel Soap actually caused people to stare. [Lisa is several years behind the rest of us with the funny internet stories. –Susan] – It’s because Lisa goes outside and socializes, while Susan locks herself in her room and plays with her made up Internet friends.

Also making me giggle, Kim Krause-Berg’s reaction to all the wonderful MyBlogLog updates she never asked for nor wanted. I’m totally with her and mentally tagging MBL a big schmoe. If you didn’t read her blog post, you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about.

From the Society of Enablers comes a mitten perfectly suited for smokers. Now you don’t have to worry about cold fingers while you trek out in the snow to slowly kill yourself. Huzzah!

Stop the presses! TechCrunch reports that Second Life now has better clouds and wind. There’s virtual wind! My little heart can’t even handle it. Oh wait – I don’t live in Second Life. Nevermind.

Also life altering: Google Talk has updated their smileys, I mean emoticons. Impressed, right?

The most impressive gadget of the week: a NES Alarm Clock. It’s so beautiful.

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week:

  • Some people buy tomatoes because they look like mouse heads. These people are not normal.
  • The next time I buy a wedding dress, I’m buying one made from the parachute that saved my beloved’s life. That’s totally awesome.
  • A snot siphon? Really? I don’t care how much I love my children, I will never use my mouth to suck snot out of their little germ infested noses. That’s how you accidentally give birth to gremlins.
  • Next time you message someone on FaceBook and they don’t answer. Don’t be insulted; it could be that they’re dead.
  • Passive aggressive behavior is always funny. Sad when exhibited by adults, but still funny.
  • Nerd stigmata are cool, but a nerd stigmata in the shape of a mouse cursor is kind of lame. I’d much prefer one in say…I don’t know, something trendier than a mouse cursor.
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One response to “Friday Recap 05/25/2007”

  1. pat writes:

    Be glad the hotel soap only made you giggle til you cried in an office it made me laugh and fart in a coffee shop.
    “give birth to gremlins”… you are brilliant

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