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June 22, 2007

Friday Recap: Are You Human Edition

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You might want to back away. Susan and I have lost our minds. Not only are we both on sugar highs from Friday Doughnut Day, but we fell in love with a puppy named Bugenhagen, it’s all-day New Kids On The Block in the office, and I’m pretty sure Susan is wearing a dress. A dress. I didn’t even know she had legs. Things are crazy. [I have two. I said that was extravagance but it turns out they came standard with the body. So yep, two.–Susan] – Ew, let’s stop talking about your body. Immediately.

Before we dive in, a quick “congrats and we love you” to Bruce Clay’s Robert Esparza who will be getting married this weekend. That practically makes him an adult. Robert is Susan’s big brother by blood, but he’s everyone’s big brother around here and truthfully one of the nicest people I’ve ever met (I don’t know how he’s related to Susan [We split it up when we were kids. I’m the smart one, he’s the nice one. –Susan]). In case you haven’t perfected those vows yet, Robert, this is for you:

Vowing Wedding Favors

(Don’t tell Robert, but we’ll be posting wedding pictures on the blog on Monday. Even the world’s nicest person deserves to be humiliated every once and awhile. Love ya, Robert!)

I think I’m in trouble, A friendly fellow (or at least I assume he’s a fellow) on Craigslist just now informs me that the Bruce Clay IT guys have are reading everything I type. Yes, apparently they see EVERYTHING. I am so totally in trouble.

Something else to be afraid of: Chris Hooley posted the video of his Super Bowl Weekend Vegas Getaway. It includes pretty much everything you’d expect from a video starring Chris Hooley. Hide the babies.

Did you know that emo crayons come in 44 unique colors? This is because emo kids are all about individualistic creativity. It’s just a coincidence that they all look and pout the same.

Vanessa Fox blogged about her adventures in moving hoping to get people to stop making top ten lists about her. It seems the key to a successful move is lots of plastic knives and always having a mystery guest on hand. I’ve been thinking about it, and I really wouldn’t mind if Mystery Guest was a little less adorable and savvy. You?

Gray Hat News interviewed Eric Schmidt about Googles recent purchase of the United States. Eric tries to deny it the acquisition too place, but GHN doesn’t buy it for a second and neither do we.

Over at the Epiar blog, Curtis Dueck, aka my favorite Canadian, tell us that Harry Potter is the most searched for “harry” on the Internet. Take that, Prince Harry!

Do you like chipmunks? I don’t like chipmunks. Something about their eyes scares me, but you’ve got to respect the sass of little ‘munk. That is one dramatic chipmunk.

In what could quite possibly be the grossest story of all time, someone found a snakehead in a can of green beans. A snake head. In a can of green beans. There are not enough ‘ew”s to sufficiently describe this. It was the head! Of a snake!

Also kind of gross is that a bunch of pirates knocked up Shrek. Just what we need, animated green pirates. Wait? Wasn’t Shrek male? Is this one of those weird science pirate/monster babies?

This is just scary. A few weeks back there was talk of “giant squid” washing up off the coast not too far from the Bruce Clay headquarters. I thought it ridiculous that people were getting so worked up over this, but then I saw a picture of one. Dude, it’s people-sized! Never swimming in the ocean again.

Revproject took a look at the evolution of Megatron, Bonecrusher and the rest of the Transformers with names not as cool as “Megatron”. It seems I’m not the only creature who has doubled in size and scope since the ’80s.

Someone needs to talk to all the little girls out there and tell them not to get their hopes up. The days of marrying for love are over. Now it’s about settling and finding a marriage that’s “good enough“. Well, that’s romantic. No one tell Robert.

Some other stuff to make you think and giggle: Rebecca Lieb is famous on Google Maps, here’s a quick test to see if you’re human, a duel to the death featuring a shark and an octopus, the scariest Halloween costume ever, a kid seriously good at yo-yo, pretty trash can shadows and one really bad marketing idea.

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week (and last week)

[I told Lisa that I’d put this in writing for her after a truly heroic act of getting me emergency coffee so expect to see this entry linked every day from now on: Lisa is the Best Coworker Ever. And I heart her. –Susan] – [falls over, dies]

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