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July 27, 2007

Friday Recap: Lego Flight Edition

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Hey, friends.

You may have noticed a lack of Susan this week (huzzah!). Don’t worry; I don’t have her locked in my trunk or anything. Susan has merely been down in San Diego attending her nerd convention Comic-Con. Susan, if you’re reading this (and I know you are because you don’t trust me to man the blog alone), here’s a list of 10 things not to miss at Comic-Con. Go get your geek on.

Okay, enough about her.

Today is National System Administrator Appreciation Day (thanks for the email, IT department). So, to our IT guys Aaron and Michael, because everyone at Bruce Clay loves you guys so much (read: if we’re not nice to you, you break stuff), you’ll both be receiving an EZ-Bake Oven for your PC. Enjoy!

Speaking of our Aaron, in honor of his complete geekness, Bruce Clay blog reader Dan Perry from alerted me to a Lego Aircraft Carrier that he thought Aaron may be interested in. Dan, we thank you. There were many squeals coming from the IT department this morning and I don’t think they were looking at puppies.

Actually, I shouldn’t talk; I did some squealing this morning too. But look — it’s a little frog with a little hand holding onto the little branch. So cute!

Just a warning to everyone: Be careful going outside today, Google is looking for you. We don’t need a repeat of what happened last time so put the cats away.

Barry Schwartz has a turkey for a friend. But enough about Danny Sullivan. [rim shot] Just kidding! ;)

Google Blogoscoped posted a fun video featuring a drumming prodigy who discovered his talent at age 2. The kid is seriously cute, but what makes Phil’s post worth your time is the jerk commenter who stops by to snip, “yeah, but can he do anything else?” Adults are such asses.

Wikipedia has a fun list of things deemed to be of acquired tastes. Someone explain to me how coffee and root beer found itself on the same list as blood sausage, head cheese (meat from an animal’s head and covered with gelatin!) and octopus.

If you’re thinking about having kids in the near future (are you listening, Robert?), I’ll point you here. I’m just saying. What did the TV ever do to them?

Just some advice: If you come home and see four giant spider legs sticking out from behind your otherwise totally cute clock, RUN. Do not remove the clock. Do not take a picture of it. And definitely do not blog it. Run out of the house and go somewhere safe.

Nine year old Miya recognized that her father was in trouble in the pool so she grabbed her floaties and her goggles and went down and got him. I think I’m going to cry.

I’m not sure if this picture of a sea of dolphins gives me the warm and fuzzies or if it’s a sign the man pictured is about to get eaten by whatever they’re running from!

9:01am and tell us that US employees waste 20 percent of their work day playing on the Internet, socializing and conducting personal business. Yeah. I knew that. Susan really is horrible.

McDonalds is introducing the 42 oz Hugo drink. It has 410 calories and will make you…hugo. I’m sorry; it was just too easy. But seriously, 410 calories? Dude, go eat a real meal for that.

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week

Oh no, this just in! Susan was trying to make her way back from San Diego’s Comic-Con, took a wrong turn, and froze to death on the side of the road. Someone go icepick her.

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3 responses to “Friday Recap: Lego Flight Edition”

  1. Nathan Weinberg writes:

    That picture is the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen! You just HAD to post it…

  2. Jonathan Street writes:

    Regarding the frog,
    “. . . thereby updating Luigi Galvani’s original 1786 experiment causing the legs of a dead frog to twitch simply by touching muscles and nerves with metal”
    Is it just me or does this robotic frog totally miss the point?
    Nice story about Miya Peyregne and her Dad. Quite a feat.

  3. Grandmother C writes:

    Lisa, if you only knew how close to the truth you are!!!! We, and Susan, have a little secret about “wrong turns”…….fortunately…no ice!

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