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August 3, 2007

Friday Recap: Optimization Cat Edition

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Today’s edition of the Friday Recap is brought to you by Optimization Cat:

[Sorry, one of our analysts whipped that up in 30 seconds and I thought it was funny. (Thanks, Devon!)]

Moving right along then…

TechCrunch is suddenly offering dating services and bringing together missed connections. I’m not sure if this is some sort of TechCrunch/Craigslist marriage or if Michael Arrington is just a huge softie. The safe money is on the latter.

Speaking of “aw” stories: Facebook helped a mom reunite with the son she gave up for adoption 20 years ago. See? Facebook is the site that brings people together.

This week we learned that when Danny Sullivan isn’t building his boys a tree house, he’s making them play cricket and dressing them up in their mental institution whites. You’ve heard of cricket, right? It’s when British people play baseball with flat bats. Shouldn’t it be “criquette”? [Why would they spell it like that? They’re not French. –Susan] – Because there’s a ‘q’ and a ‘u’ and it’s funny!

If you haven’t met 14-year-old blogger/podcaster/kickass kid Daniel Brusilovsky yet, you absolutely must go check out Robert Scoble’s recent interview. I know it’s hard to sit through Robert’s geek laugh, but this kid blew me away at WordCamp.

If you’re a Comcast subscriber, please take a moment to confirm that your phone number hasn’t been changed on you. Apparently they like to do that.

Internet Explorer was named the most influential tech product of the last 25 years? I’m sorry, did I enter bizarro world and not realize it?

Over at Science blogs, Kevin Beck asks if sugar is more addictive than cocaine. I’m sorry, have you seen the flood of Americans having a hard time fitting through narrow doorways lately? Clearly, we like us the sugar. We only go for white powder when it’s caked on our doughnuts.

Thanks to the Consumerist for helping me start that diet I’ve been thinking about. Did you hear about the deep-fried mouse that was found in a bag of Lays K.C. Masterpiece BBQ chips? Yummy.

A fun photo of a goat walking a tightrope with a monkey on its back. Sure, it’s cool, but can the goat do anything else? If not, I say we eat him.

I stumbled upon this photo and immediately developed a really sick feeling in my stomach. What do you think? That kid probably has no face left. But if Jake Brown can fall 50ft and walk away from it, I guess there’s some hope.

If you find yourself with some time to kill this weekend (I’m sure you’ll make friends soon, Susan), check out the 50 Must Watch Video Web Clips as deemed by the Telegraph. May I recommend the video of the fat well-nourished woman falling into a hole?

Oh, and here’s a list of places I don’t want to move and why. I know you were interested.

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week

Everyone wave goodbye to Bruce. He’ll be heading to Australia shortly for next week’s Australia SEO training and Melbourne’s Search Engine Bootcamp. Jeremy and Des, we expect you to take good care of him and return him in time for SES San Jose!

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