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November 30, 2007

Friday Recap: Anything or Whatever Edition

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It’s Friday! And even more exciting, it’s the Friday before PubCon. My first ever PubCon! Huzzah!

If you have made the wise decision to attend PubCon next week (not that visiting Chicago in December isn’t totally fun…), be sure to track down the fellas of SoloSEO and ask them for your free schwag. Boys, do I get a present for announcing your offer? Do I? Please… ;)

If you looked at our conference coverage schedule, you know that we’ll once again be letting Susan out of her cage so she can do some liveblogging. For those of you who have never met Susan, you may be unsure of what to expect. Susan is the one on the left.

You’ve been warned. [Normally this is where I would fire you, but that’s pretty accurate, actually. –Susan] presents the office supplies that can kill you. That BIC Pen Cross Bow is sure to take an eye out. Want!

AskMen presented the ten hottest women in technology. I excitedly went from page one, to page two, to page three only to be let down that my pretty face was somehow left off it. Robbed, I tell you!

Daily Rumors gives us the 15 brilliant timed sports photos. Just skimming through it will make you wince. That poor, poor volleyball player.

From Oomsa: Why you shouldn’t order a cake from Walmart, otters holding hands, and shoes that will probably still get me in trouble at the office.

The indecisive beware! When someone asks you what you want to drink, tell them. Otherwise you may get stuck with the Anything or Whatever. Isn’t carbonation scary enough as it is?

Also, be sure to tell your older family members what you want for Christmas. Otherwise, you’ll get this.

The Daily Mail reminds us of some outrageously politically incorrect ads you may have forgotten about. Oh, heavens.

An 18-year-old teenager received a metal pole through the head when the bus he was riding in was hit by a lorry (that’s a truck!). Remarkably, once the pole was removed he was left totally unharmed. I, however, can not get dressed without undergoing some sort of injury.

Look, it’s a pink dolphin. I wonder if he gets made fun of by all the other dolphins. I bet he does.

Just a tip: If you win $600,000 in the lottery, you have to tell your wife. Banning her from watching television will not do the trick.

You must watch the battle at Kruger. It is the most kickass, camaraderie-inspiring video of all time. I know it starts off a little slow, but resist the urge to skip ahead. It’s worth it.

The aliens are coming. And they’re taking your children!

And for Susan, the 10 benefits of owning a pet. For her, the main benefit is that it at least makes it appear like she’s not talking to herself. [I thought that was the point of having a Bluetooth headset? –Susan]

Things I Learned From Boing Boing This Week

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3 responses to “Friday Recap: Anything or Whatever Edition”

  1. Jill writes:

    Don’t feel bad Lisa, apparently I wasn’t one of the hottest women either…go figure.

  2. Adam Audette writes:

    See ya at Pubcon :) Will be good to finally meet the BC crew.

  3. Rebecca Kelley writes:

    I saw the hand-holding otters at the Vancouver Aquarium and had to be dragged from the area after “Awwww”ing for about 15 minutes.

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