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July 14, 2006

Friday Recap: Tin Foil Tirade Edition

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Don’t lie. It’s the Friday Recap and you couldn’t be more excited.

A multi-part Australian documentary began circulating the web highlighting the way of life and the way of work over at Google. I personally enjoyed the brief video tour of the Googleplex. I mean, I knew Google had to have an enormous worker bee population, but I was blown away seeing just how many bodies were crammed into the Google cafeteria. It was like high school.

However, my favorite part of the video: Witnessing Marissa Mayer’s uncomfortable non-response to the interviewer’s Google/Big Brother concern. Watch (it’s towards the end) as she stares blankly at the interviewer for a painful four seconds and then resorts to a pretty girl giggle. It’s beautiful.

Microsoft doesn’t care about people who use old versions of its products. The estimated 70 million users still using Windows 98 and Me (Millennium Edition) have been informed to upgrade their systems ASAP as Microsoft gets set to end all support for the older software. I guess you can’t fault them, even though we like to.

But be nice to Microsoft, otherwise they might tinfoil your desk. The birthday-celebrating intern found the joke amusing, probably not realizing it will be him who has to clean up the abundance of foil and Cherry Coke-filled Dixie cups. Heh.

Congrats to Bruce Clay, Inc. for being named one of the top SES Training Program for July 2006 by TopSEOs. Anyone who has gone through Bruce’s intensive program knows the honor is well-deserved.

You also may have caught Bruce in this week’s Web Marketing Today newsletter fielding questions on retaining PageRank while consolidating domains. It’s an informative look from someone who actually knows what he’s talking about (rare, we know.) Give it a read.

Rand Fishkin developed a new Page Strength tool that the blogosphere seems to have taken to. It looks like a great tool, despite old canonical issues. For me, it’s the horoscope-esque rating system that sets it apart from its competition. They’re all just so darn optimistic sounding.

People worked themselves into a tizzy this week over misleading titles. Hitwise announced MySpace Moves Into #1 Position for all Internet Sites, which caused Yahoo! to cry a big “did not!!” The headline made it sound like MySpace had beat out the site, instead of what it really surpassed – Yahoo Mail. It’s only entirely different. Either way, Yahoo! was kind of a baby about it.

Also misleading, the Nielsen survey that harked podcasts are more popular than blogs. Puh-lease, people.

If you’re looking for someone to help with your marketing campaign, I would give Kyle MacDonald a call. He’s the guy who managed to trade one red paperclip for a two-story Canadian farmhouse. Now that’s some fancy footwork.

I have an Over The Hedge RJ Pez dispenser if anyone has a 2 bedroom Ventura County, CA condo they’d like to trade. I’ll even throw in my Hubba Bubba wind-up chicken (gum not included, sorry) if that sweetens up the deal.

Have you witnessed Yahoo!’s The 9 yet? It’s a daily countdown of amusing things on the Web, and sometimes it’s even interesting. Part of today’s broadcast finds Mr. Belding embarrassing himself at the Burbank-based Dimples. Having seen him there (multiple times) myself, I can vouch for its authority. Check it out.

A thank you to Phil Lenssen for keeping us entertained throughout the week. This morning he posted a survey asking readers to click anywhere on an image as he tracked hotspots. Apparently I’m not as innovative with my clicks as I thought.

Phil also compiled the top Google results for different groups of people using a “[Group X] are simply” query. My favorite response:

Vegans are simply lemmings bent on impeding progress and complicating dinner parties.”

Hee, love it!

Last week Al Scillitani of MP complained the changes to Google AdWords were giving him a headache and wrote an open letter to the Googlers asking them to send him some acetaminophen (even though he pictured Advil…). Well, Google responded and sent him the requested drugs and a handwritten note. Aww, they care.

Google, if you’re listening, I too enjoy receiving free stuff in the mail. My mailing address is c/o Bruce Clay, Inc., 207 W. Los Angeles, Suite 272, Moorpark, California 93021. You’re awesome, thanks.

Have you seen cartoon Barry? He’s adorable, and better yet, if you let him finish his spiel and then don’t stimulate him, he does a very good Marissa Mayer impersonation. [Blink. Blink. Blink.]

Are you over all the Rocketboom drama? Is it so wrong that I can’t tear myself away from it? Rocketboom 2.0 launched this week sans-Amanda. Though, unless you looked closely, you may not have noticed because her replacement Joanne Colan is her British clone. Seriously, they’re identical. But I guess to a raven-haired kid, all well-endowed blondes look alike.

Jeremy Zawodny asked: Where does your sense of accomplishment come from? Is it from solo work? Team work? Being a leader? Mine comes from hearing people are enjoying my Friday Recaps. Thanks, Kim! :)

P.S. blog, where are you?

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