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April 4, 2008

Friday Recap: Rent-A-Cutie Edition

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Hey, Friends. It’s Friday and we’re all still alive! And was my tax refund was finally deposited into my savings account this morning. Huzzah!

Congratulations to David Wallace who was crowned the winner of the SEO Fights Fat For Charity contest. David’s charity The Phoenix Rescue Mission will receive more than $5,000 to help its cause. David, FTW!

Props to Ken Jones who successfully link baited me with his the SEO world is like high school post. Just one question, if I’m the prom queen, how nerdy does that make the rest of you? I’m just saying. And this prom queen totally has a crush on the foreign kid. :)

Over at Cartoon Barry, search’s most dedicated blogger Barry Schwartz talks about his experience at a local pizza place this morning where everything was broken. Or something. I’m not sure; I couldn’t take my eyes off the picture. Doesn’t that pizza look delicious? Nom nom nom.

And I must have something with food because the Consumerist posted Lazy Cinnabon Guy Lies, You Get Free Churros and all I kept thinking was “Wait, check out that picture, does Cinnabon lip balm really exist?” What a lawsuit waiting to happen. I wonder how many people accidently eat their face off? [Must. Get. Cinnabon. –Susan]

DailyBlogTip authored 7 Reasons Why You Might Never Be Productive and nowhere on the list does it mention Twitter. Huge oversight!

Guy Kawasaki delivers Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Facebook but then failed to mention anything even resembling a secret. Did you know you could tag people in notes, videos and photos? Yeah, so does everyone else on the site. And my mother.

Mashable hottie Pete Cashmore talks about how he’s “completely corruptible” and does so in that cute little accent of his that it really doesn’t matter what he’s saying. As long as he keeps speaking. And flashing that smile. And never, ever stops.

Poor Michael Gray can’t catch a break. It looks like attempts to repopulate the gray wolf have been so successful that now it’s okay to hunt and kill them. Stay in your house, Michael, stay in your house!

Allen Stern tracks down the best description of Twitter ever: It’s like a store for car parts, right? Hee!

Amazon has begun their plan to bleed your bank account dry by releasing TextBuyIt, a shopping service that allows users to search and purchase via text message. Do they not realize how dangerous this is? There goes my entire tax refund, along with my refunds for the next four years. [At least I have unlimited text messages. –Susan]

Because silly songs and raps are all the rage these days, here’s a new one: The PageRank Song. It’s sad. But so are SEOs.

Super Warehouse compiled a list of the 25 Key Female Players in the World of Technology. The list includes familiar faces like Marissa Mayer, Susan Decker, Meg Whitman, Charlene Li and others. And by “familiar” I mean we all recognize them. Not that I have secret tea parties with Marissa Mayer on the weekends. [You lied to me? –Susan]

An Australian judge decided that you can’t sue your ex-boyfriend for trying to add you on Facebook because Facebook friends are not real friends. Only the people in your Top Friends widget really count.

In non-search Recapness, be careful when you go to make that salad. It may come with a side of little green frog. And beware of McDonalds, Ronald may try and smack you. McD’s sure has changed since I was a child.

Lifehacker offers up the sevens body signs and pains you shouldn’t ignore if you don’t want to suddenly die. It’s worth reading.

Things I Learned From Boing Boing This Week:

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One response to “Friday Recap: Rent-A-Cutie Edition”

  1. Ken Jones writes:

    Thanks for the shout-out Lisa.
    I’m glad you realised I was referring to you in my post. A few people have asked why I was calling Bruce a Prom Queen :-)
    I’m really surprised to have gotten all this attention, I wasn’t even trying to linkbait (honest). Talk about performance anxiety for when I actually do try to linkbait deliberately.

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