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April 25, 2008

Friday Recap 04/25/2008

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My stomach and I are finally recovered from SMX Social Media and it’s time for the Friday Recap. Huzzah!

First up, happy birthday to everyone’s favorite little black hat in disguise, Neil Patel. Young Neil turned an impressive 23 year old this week while he was scaring attendees at SMX Social Media and suggesting that you buy youngsters TVs, video games and other toys to improve your social media relations. Wow, Neil. Just wow. And tell us, how do you sleep at night?

I wasn’t the only one attending conferences this week. Lee Odden was down at the Web 2.0 Expo and was able to score a pretty sweet interview with Robert Scoble. I’m not the biggest Scoble fan in the world, but this interview is worth watching. Check it out.

Ian Lurie wrote about 17 Marketing Things [He’ll] Never Write About. Making the list are Twitter, Jason Calacanis, Rand’s halo, or virtually anything that comes with a “2.0” appended to it. See, now, that’s advice everyone can get behind.

Matt Cutts shows you how to make a Pacman graph with Google Charts. Yes, my friends, this is the man we look to for our SEO wisdom. The same one pimping out Pacman charts. Stellar.

Over at Search Engine Journal, John Carcutt presents the 14 Things You Didn’t Know About Real SEOs. It’s amusing, though be careful about inquiring about number 15. Once you know you can’t ever take it back.

Dan Perry wrote Be a Good Conference Speaker; Twitter is Judging and comments on some criticism Rand’s Social Media Marketing Essentials panel received via Twitter, including a remark from yours truly. Twitter is something for speakers to keep in mind, for sure. It’s also a good reminder to those of us with protected Twitter accounts that just because you throw a lock on something doesn’t mean someone else won’t come and post your comment publicly for you. Heh, thanks, Dan!

ReadWriteWeb lets us know that MySpace will now be offering up applications. Um, fail? MySpace, you were supposed to copy borrow the smart features of Facebook, not the ones that will make your site appear even more spammy and gaudy looking.

The entire search industry is captivated by the Sullivan’s upcoming move back to Newport Beach, California. You can hear Danny reminisce over at Daggle or listen to Lorna come to grips with the fact that her perfect British sons will be turned into California skaters.

901am lets us know that a dating site for intelligent people has just launched. Sorry, Susan, that still leaves you alone and dateless. [It’s okay. Nerd prom is coming up soon. –Susan] — I took the liberty of linking that for you. :)

Here’s something Susan will want to look into though – a leave me alone box. It suits her perfectly.

In non-search stuffs, Sharenator presented us with children’s letters to God and finally, a site that gives us all 120 Crayon names and color codes. You know you’ve been secretly yearning for it.

Things I Learned From Boing Boing This Week:

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3 responses to “Friday Recap 04/25/2008”

  1. Lisa writes:

    Neerav: Thanks for the kind words and suggestion. We do our best to make the liveblogging as readable and informative as we can. As you can imagine, it’s not always easy. :) We’ll try to be better about breaking up the text and giving your eyes some more white space!

    Neil: You always scare us. :)

  2. Neil Patel writes:

    LOL, Thanks Lisa. Hopefully I didn’t scare you guys too much. :)

  3. Neerav Bhatt writes:

    Well done on covering SMX Social Media Lisa, it was obvious you put in a huge effort

    PS Sometimes the live blogging articles can be hard to read via RSS because there’s a relentless flow of paragraph after paragraph

    Perhaps someone back in the Bruce Clay offices could do a quick edit after you publish and add some Bolded headings and bullet points?

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