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May 16, 2008

Friday Recap 05/16/2008

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It’s Friday and almost a gazillion degrees in Southern California! Yey?

This week Search Engine Strategies unveiled the first annual SES Awards show which will take place during SES San Jose. It’s exciting for SES and equally exciting for me because as I’ll be one of the judges (what crazy person okay’d that?), I had to write my first professional bio. One that didn’t mention my cats. What do you think?

Matt Cutts let his nerd stripe show with Stupid Google Tricks: How Often Do You Cut Your Hair? It’s a nice glimpse into the neurotic psyche of Matt. And not that you care, but I get my hair cut tomorrow. Let’s hope they don’t “accidentally” cut off 7 inches like they did last time. [They’d better not. The point of getting my hair cut was so that people would stop asking if we’re related. It’s not like I can just glue it back on. –Susan] I appreciate that. The Bobbsey Twin thing was getting a little old.

Keri Morgret wrote a letter of apology to her wrists and offered some advice on how to survive continuous days of liveblogging. Speaking from experience, the only way to survive is to accept that it’s going to kill you dead. And then move on and continue blogging that early morning keynote roundtable where everyone talks over each other and no one ever finishes their thought.

Shoemoney asked some familiar industry faces to define SEO. Use it to learn a little bit about the industry you work in or challenge someone to play Spot The Blackhat based on the answers provided. Either way, good times all around.

Did you go to Ad:Tech San Francisco this year? Are you dying? You may be. It seems there has been a breakout of the Novovirus at the Moscone Center. So many ews. I’m so glad we sent Susan this year instead of me.

Shimon Sandler is back providing recipes on his blog, this time it’s for Spicy Chili. I haven’t tried this one but Shimon’s Gourmet Meatloaf for Hungry SEO’s is most excellent!

Barry pointed me to the Forbes’ article where shill Jim Safka calls the reports that is dead “horseshit“. Moving on.

Susan’s going to be out of the office on Monday. I think I’m going to jello-fy her keyboard and maybe even her new vertical mouse. What do you think? [I vote no. –Susan] I was asking everyone not named Susan Esparza.

Or maybe I’ll make our very own Aaron Butler show me how to break an apple in two with my bare hands. In the spirit of “pics or it didn’t happen”, here’s a video from when he proved it could be done yesterday. The writer’s room was really impressed.

Proof that there’s a social network for everything these days: Meet Yes, it’s a place for you to find people (read: strangers) to do your laundry. Because that’s not a little bit creepy and a lot gross. Hide your unmentionables. has a list of the 9 Most Obnoxious Memes to Ever Escape The Web. It’s like the history of the Web right there in one list. Awesome.

I’ve heard of jealous siblings, but eating your twin? Now, seriously. That’s something Susan would do. [Tastes like kittens. –Susan] You disgust me.

Gawker helps us answer the question, “are you an online jackass?”, while Granta gives us The Web Habits of Highly Effective People. Shockingly, there’s no mention of Twitter.

In non-search stuff, one of my new favorite bloggers, Sarah Nielson, shows you a foolproof way for getting into your mother’s will. Genius!

And the Easy PB&J jar that allows you to scoop out every last bit of peanut butter goodness.

Things I Learned On BoingBoing This Week:

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