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July 18, 2008

Friday Recap 07/18/2008

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Today’s Friday Recap is coming to you live from BlogHer 2008 in San Francisco. Exciting, right? I have to write this up real quick and then go make some new friends. Let’s get to it.

First, let’s check in to see how Bruce Clay’s SEO Training is going this week. Yup, looks like attendees are being whoa’d as Bruce answers question until they surrender, dispels urban legends and shares his plans to own the world. Way to go, Boss! (Maybe don’t mention that taking over the world thing, though, k?)

Bryson Meunier explained why he’s postponing his honeymoon for SMX Local & Mobile. Wow. Bryson, if you’ve managed to find the one lady in the world who’d let you get away with that…marry her quick. Like, today. SEOs everywhere are already lining up to take her from you.

Every SEO, that is, but the dreamy Bill Slawski who got a yes from his lady when he popped the question yesterday. Way to go, Bill.

Kate Morris and I joined forces to write 15 Signs an SEO Girl Likes You. The ones you laugh at came from her. The ones that have you considering a restraining order came from me. Aren’t I cute?

Racking your brain trying to come up with killer video ideas for YouTube? Try this:

NetworkWorld reveals that one in four businesses block Facebook and other social networking sites in the office. Lame. What do those people do all day at work? [Presumably their job. –Susan]

HoHoHoSEO brings us Christmas in July with his 2008 Christmas Tree Contest. Contestants get to answer SEO trivia questions while mocking the Photoshopping of SEO’s elite into stupid outfits. Bruce makes an excellent Santa, don’t you think?

A 27-year-old Brooklyn man will spend 30 months in jail for being a slimy spammer. He must be the only 27-year-old nerd without a Twitter account. Twitterers don’t have time to spam. We’re too busy talking about ourselves. To ourselves. shows us absolutely how relevant to search they’re not by ranking George Clooney as users favorite Batman. Way to report news that (a) probably isn’t true and (b) no one even cares about. Don’t you have an engine to continue running into the ground? [Lisa included this to enrage me. She knows that I have a 2000 word rant about how wrong this is. –Susan]

Top Rank’s Ashley blogged about the 15 Things Not to Miss at SES San Jose 2008. I’ll give you 16-18: You get to hang with me, Susan and Virginia. Need I say more?

Barry Schwartz breaks the news that your beloved Google fridge is probably about to die. Sorry. At least you got a Google fridge.

Google Blogoscoped mesmerized me with this striped running tiger and then shows us why tricking people doesn’t pay. I hope you learned your lesson, No more hoaxes in the name of links.

Blog Herald shows how much bloggers are paid to blog and pretty much ensures that I never leave Bruce Clay. I like eating. So do my cats.

Things I Learned On BoingBoing This Week:

Okay, time for me to go make new friends now. Or at least try to make friends. I think I’m scaring people.

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