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May 22, 2010

Friday Recap: Arcade Edition

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Happy Friday, everyone! Thanks for taking time away from your Pac-Man game to stop by! I know it’s kind of addictive, that’s why it’s been popular for 30 years.

Google Pac-man

Of course, I was playing while logged into my Google account and now I’m wondering if they’re storing my scores for all time. Will I be confronted by Pac-Man ads in gmail now? Offered remedial lessons in 80s arcade classics? It could happen. Google’s all about the “inadvertent” storage these days, what with its Street View picking up open WiFi data that they super-promised wasn’t getting recorded actually, uh, is getting recorded. I think this is my favorite part of that apology: “In addition, given the concerns raised, we have decided that it’s best to stop our Street View cars collecting WiFi network data entirely.” Ya think?

And somehow, that’s not even the big privacy hullabaloo these days. No, that title still going to reigning champ Facebook who has more and more haters every time you turn around and has even scored an official Quit Facebook Day (May 31st! I’ll invite you to the Event page). If you’re still not sure who can see what on Facebook, the excellent website had a neat little widget to give you an at–a-glance look at whether or not your security settings on FB are all they could be. You might be surprised by the results.

Small Biz Discovery Contest logo

Speaking of May 31st, that’s also the very last day to get your entries in for our Small Biz Discovery Contest. Your 750-word article could get you a free passport to SES San Francisco in August as well as a seat in one-day SEO Training. Just tell us what your recommendation is for small businesses and you’ll be in the running. Get contest details at the link above or just send us your article to and remember to put “Small Biz Contest” in the subject line.

I’m working off Virginia’s notes for this Friday recap (she’s on vacation! Lucky girl!) and there are about 10 different links to cute tortoise stories. Here are two of them: A tortoise on a slide and a real Renaissance Tortoise with period-appropriate garb.

This week though, I was way more enamored of these adorable little sloths! These little guys live at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. Whosa cute widdle deadly sin?

I’m pretty sure that video right there is what researchers found when they determined that Internet use makes us happier. Especially in the case of women and people in the developing world, the ability to connect increases your well-being. See, mom? It’s not an addiction. It’s therapy.

What else makes you happy? Drop me a line before you head off for a great weekend.

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7 responses to “Friday Recap: Arcade Edition”

  1. SEO Reseller writes:

    @Susan: Speaking of “little” changes.. How about instant????

    I don’t know if it’s “some people” or “all people” – but I am not liking it at all. I feel like my screen becomes epolectic as I start to type. In my book, this has certainly detracted from the end-user experience, the entire reason Google said they did it… In the end, I suspect the change has much more to do with driving more ad revenue than anything… But what’s new :-)

  2. Susan Esparza writes:

    Some people. Every little change makes them so unhappy. [cough]New Google sidebar[cough]Totally guilty[cough]

  3. Andy @ FirstFound writes:

    I loved PacMan, but have you seen the whining and the complaints?

    Check this out from the Google forums

    Sense of humour fail?

  4. Mom writes:

    What makes me happy? Finding out: “It’s not an addiction. It’s therapy.” Riiiiiiight!

  5. Susan Esparza writes:

    That’s true. I should give credit where credit is…hey, wait, I thought I linked that to you at the beginning of last week! Get out of here and go back to your vacation.

  6. Virginia writes:

    In my defense, the link to the sloth vid was mine, too. I’m an equal opportunity cuteness obsesser :)

  7. SEO Reseller writes:

    Oh the legacy days, when people were still thinking innovation, like creating pac-man, the credit card and the wheel. I hope to see more of it within the next decade. Thanks for the sloth video Susan. It makes me want to have an Ice Age movie marathon.

    [Ed: Snipped out the link. Thanks for the reply. Next time, how about a real name, Reseller? Stay a while. Let us get to know you. –Susan]

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