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June 24, 2011

Friday Recap: Back Up Edition

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This feels… familiar. I guess once you learn to ride a Friday Recap you never forget. Or is it write? You know what I’m saying.

If you missed it earlier this week, I’ve rejoined Bruce Clay, Inc. and the blog. I think they put something in the coffee here. The night sweats and hallucinations were getting unbearable so I’m happy to be back.

I don’t really know how to describe the excitement of sitting at my old desk and finding that nothing – seriously, nothing – has changed since I left 9 months ago. [We left all her files in place! –Susan] When you’re at a loss for words as a writer, you’re in trouble. However, as a web designer, you’re off the hook as long as you can pull up some lorem ipsum. Now you’ve got another option for your place-holder text, and it’s tastier than ever thanks to Bacon Ipsum, the text generator that’s all filler. Tip o’ the hat to Avinash Kaushik.

Congratulations to Rae “Sugarrae” Hoffman on the birth of Thomas Sean Dolan and the demise of her alcohol abstinence. From the look of Rae’s spirited tweets, mom and baby are both happy and beautiful!

I’ve always been fascinated by a fact I read once – Where? I don’t know. Maybe Boing Boing? – that food, sex and drugs all have a similar affect on our brain. News this week about two of these fantasmagical pleasure inducers. Trojan released it’s annual U.S. sex census, finding that across the country, sexual satisfaction is going up. One of the big takeaways of the report was that in Los Angeles, the frequency of sex is among the highest, while the satisfaction is among the lowest. L.A., you’re doing it wrong. [LA is the content farm of sex, apparently. It’s going to get Pandaed. –Susan]

Meanwhile, philosopher Richard Doyle gets into some heady space with a just released book on how natural psychedelic substances evolved alongside the human mind, opening up new avenues of consciousness around intelligence and awareness to shape how we think.

screen shot from video of Papua New Guinea tribe

What would you think if a time traveler presented to you technology from the distant future? You can see what reaction this might evoke in this video of a previously uncontacted tribe in Papua New Guinea interacts with modern amenities like a mirror, table salt and a tape recorder. One thing is certain from the look on their faces: there’s an inherent joy for humans in learning new things.

A new employee background check service has been given the green light by the FTC, allowing the company to check social media profiles for employment applicants. They’ll pull together all your dirty little secrets embarrassments made available online for public viewing. Consumerist points out some concerning troubles with the process, including how do they know it’s the right you, and how hard will it be to fix an error on your social media report? What if the other Virginia Nussey out there is sullying my good name?! Those octogenarians are nothing but trouble. (J/K Virginia May!) [Better than not getting an apartment because your aura failed the psychic credit check. –Susan]

Finally, I’ll leave you with a raptastic take on something I think we can all relate to. It’s hard-knock first-world life we live. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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One response to “Friday Recap: Back Up Edition”

  1. Andy Kuiper writes:

    I thought the video was cute :-)

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