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November 19, 2010

Friday Recap: Doppelgangland

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Our November SEO Newsletter is fresh off the press today. Check out Bruce’s article that explores if “likes” are the new links, learn the basics of making videos for business and get caught up on all the news, including:

  • Understand how to calculate the ROI of SEO from our brothers down under at Bruce Clay Australia.
  • Learn how local search and Google Places are changing everything in our Hot Topics section.
  • Up-to-date industry buzz like the new keyword tool, Yahoo! Clues, and more!

Jim Lewallen of Microsoft FUSE labs stopped by our blog today to let us and our readers know that the new version of Spindex is now available to everyone. I, for one, am excited to poke around.

We found out Bruce Clay has a long-lost twin via Li Evans on Facebook; turns out, he’s a shuttle driver who also looks deeply enthused to be having his picture taken. (Click on image to enlarge.)

Li Evans knows Bruce's Older Bro?

You just became the CEO of Google. What would you do? This is the question Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team, asked yesterday in his blog. Looks like there’s still a chance to weigh in if you’ve got any bright ideas … I’m pretty sure the first idea via “flavin” in the comments doesn’t apply.

Speaking of Google, this week the company rolled out and announced Google Shopper for Android. We took a look at what this might all mean for search in the blog post, “Google’s One Giant PPC Ad Wrapped in a Bow.”

Speculation mounted yesterday before the big MySpace-Facebook announcement, leaving many people to believe Facebook would soon pwn the social entertainment company. Turns out, it’s a non–aggressive, “non-financial” partnership called Mashup with Facebook that allows MySpace users to personalize their entertainment streams via the “like” data from their Facebook accounts. And the two went skipping off hand-in-hand into the sunset. That’s how it ends, right?

Jared Leto 90s

A word of warning: the Internet never forgets. So if you have ever posed topless with a flower in the 90s (yes, Jared Leto, I’m talking to you), prepare for the backlash.

That gives me a perfect segue into an article on ChicagoNow that reminds us that education about bullying starts early, as Anti-Bullying Week wraps up today. In this particular account, a young girl is bullied by older boys for drinking out of a Star Wars water bottle. In an effort to blend in, this poor girl wanted to abandon what makes her unique and use a pink water bottle instead. [Awesomely, the Internet turned out in enthusiastic support. Lending their geek girl cred to Katie are Felicia Day, Catherine Tabor, Ashley Eckstein and a host of card-carrying Star Wars fans from around the globe. Excuse me, there’s something in my eye. –Susan]

I’m sure we can all remember a time we were exposed to bullying as children. But as adults, we can do more to teach our children to celebrate differences because that’s what makes this world so interesting. Let me just take this opportunity to apologize to Mr. Leto for making fun of his picture.

In other parenting and Star Wars news, the following question has plagued parents for decades: when is it time to talk to your kids about Star Wars? [I plan to take the “Isn’t it tragic Lucas retired after Return of the Jedi and never made another film ever again?” approach with my kids. It’s the responsible thing to do. –Susan] Hopefully the following PSA will help shed some light on the subject:

May the force be with all of you this weekend …

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5 responses to “Friday Recap: Doppelgangland”

  1. Susan Esparza writes:

    Andy, I support your wise and noble decision to pretend the prequels don’t exist. You just can’t expose kids to things like that recklessly.

  2. Jessica Lee writes:

    Good move, Andy.

  3. Andy @ FirstFound writes:

    The signigicant other and I disagreed on the Star Wars for kids question.

    She thinks we should show the films from Episode 1 to Episode 6.

    I put my foot down on showing them ONLY 4-6, then made her watch the prequels over and over until she agreed. Only took one viewing.

  4. Jessica Lee writes:

    Hi Li, maybe he wants to double for Bruce during conferences so he can cover more ground — ask him if he wants to be the after-party stand in.

  5. Liana "Li" Evans writes:

    I think Bruce’s twin likely doubles as Batman on the weekends, since Bruce has already taken over the role of Superman! :)

    I get this shuttle bus driver quite a lot, and he jokes with me all the time. I told him to Google “Bruce Clay” … next time he shuttles me, I just might hear what he’s found. LOL

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