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April 2, 2010

Friday Recap: Fools’ Paradise Edition

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What a week! Yesterday was April Fools’ Day and as could be expected, pranks galore ensued. David Harry has rounded up Google’s annual joke-a-thon, including a name change on the home page, Google Translate for animals and the mysterious disappearance of vowels on the Gmail home page. The cruelest April Fools’ joke of all came courtesy of College Humor. New Yorkers were informed that they’d be so lucky as to get In-N-Out in the Big Apple. That’s just mean!

ProspectMX sends Matt Cutts to space

In more serious news (no, not really) Matt Cutts is headed to space, care of ProspectMX! Right now they’re taking votes for the rocket’s name, and just so you know, Spam Blaster was my contribution! Take a minute to vote for your favorite, and then head back on April 19 to watch the launch!

It’s link-worthy content like that which gets link builders smiling. If you’re looking to join in on the link building fun, take a look at a helpful guide on How to Create Amazing Backlinks. This example-filled step-by-step is a great place to start when trying to attract links.

On SEM Synergy this week, we talked a bit about Matt Cutts’ interview with Eric Enge. Of the many topics discussed in their interview, Matt confirmed that Google processes PDF files. So, if you’re interested in optimizing PDFs for search, check out Edward Lewis’ handy tutorial for doing just that.

Search Engine Strategies New York is using the Ultra Knowledge Conversation Tracker to pull together cool stats and visuals after the show. There’s an album of pictures tweeted at SES, and word is that President Bill Clinton stopped by the Hilton the week of the event. However, all the photographic evidence I’ve seen are super blurry, so I’m not convinced it wasn’t an imposter or an early April Fools’ Day trickster. Any witnesses?

Another White House regular, President Obama’s deputy chief technology officer and former head of Google global public policy, Andrew McLaughlin was a victim of Google Buzz’s privacy faux pas in February. In a blog post, he spoke out against the fact that Gmail users’ e-mail contacts were made public on Google Profile pages by default. I wonder if the FTC will want to talk to him if they decide to investigate the Buzz launch as some lawmakers hope.

It turns out Buzz isn’t the only social application to expose users’ private e-mails. For 30 minutes it appears that Facebook made public those user e-mail addresses that users marked as private in their profile settings. Facebook says it was a bug.

Less bug and more fail was Facebook’s introduction of Community Pages yesterday. Critics say the addition complicates an already confusing set of options on the social network. (You mean, sort of like changing “Become a Fan” to “Like” for no apparent reason?)

Scarface children's play

I was also quite confused by this week’s uncovering of a children’s production of Scarface. It all came into focus when it was reported that the project was created and run by the director who did Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface” video. Shoulda known there were less than six degrees of separation between this bizarre performance and Lady Gaga.

It’s lunch time somewhere in the world and if you like a side of heart attack with your meal, Susan just tipped me off to the Double Down. It’s a KFC “sandwich” featuring bacon and cheese between two pieces of chicken. Susan’s accompanying commentary: “Not gonna lie, I will try this at least once.” Me too, Susan. Me too.

One place I always indulge my fat cells is at baseball games, with a condiment-slathered hot dog or two. Thankfully for fans, baseball season is upon us! Now if only the Dodgers could offer such a must-haz giveaway as the Mariners and their Happy Cat bobblehead! [I just ordered a new Dodgers skin for my phone. I love spring! —Susan]

And of course, I’d be remiss without mentioning tomorrow’s big release, the Apple iPad. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to get your hands on one, consider going back to school. Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania will supply every full-time student with an iPad and 13″ MacBook in the fall. And to think. Back in the day people went to college and all they got was a lousy degree! ;)

Happy Passover and happy Easter! Have a great weekend, everybody!

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2 responses to “Friday Recap: Fools’ Paradise Edition”

  1. Virginia Nussey writes:

    So you didn’t see him with your eyes, either, Michael? Could have been a very convincing imposter! ;)

  2. Michael Martin writes:

    The Bill Clinton appearance at the Hilton after SES New York is legit.

    He was speaking at the conference after SES closed on Thursday night and walked by Bridges Bar with his security team apparently.

    Will McGrouther met him & took the blurry cam pic with him outside which he showed me after I got back from dinner to meet him at Bridges.

    ,Michael Martin

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