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June 17, 2011

Friday Recap: Guest Bloggers Rule! Edition

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What a fantastic week we had here on the blog. Huge thanks to all who participated in our “guest blogger” week here at Bruce Clay, Inc.: @AniLopez, @JoshuaTitsworth, @ShannonDowney and @HeatherLloyd. Each one of them brought a fresh voice and new perspective to the blog that we really enjoyed. Let’s start our Friday Recap with a quick roundup of guest posts, in case you happened to miss it.

And guess what? June’s SEO Newsletter has arrived! This month, we talk Google’s Panda 2.2; recap SMX Advanced in Seattle; explain; and of course, all the usual Digital marketing news and updates from the past month. Read and share!

We’re not the only people talking Panda 2.2; over at Search Engine Roundtable, reports of Panda 2.2 rolling out were suspected and even some reporting signs of recoveries. Google has not officially confirmed.

Yesterday, TechCrunch announced Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video was taken off YouTube for a copyright claim by Rebecca Black. Welp, there goes my afternoon down time. [It will live forever in my heart. Everyone now, it’s Friday, Friday… –Susan]

What could be more fun than eating a hot dog? What if I told you that you could eat your hot dog in the shape of a man? But not just any man, a Happy Hot Dog Man. [The YouTube video appears to have been nuked but you can visit the official Happy Hot Dog Man website for your hot dog man fix. — Susan] If you do only one thing today, watch the video. This can’t be for real.


Oreos are far more than just late-night binge snacks; their roots go all the way back to 1912. And apparently, there are entire histories about the origin of the Oreo design. Fascinating. [The picture to the left is mostly just to make you really want an Oreo right now. Please feel free to have Oreo v Hydrox battles in the comments. Newman O’s proponents will be shown the door. –Susan]

Susan stumbled upon this: Google Places San Diego — a collection of places to visit in San Diego, and according to the links on the right-hand side of the page, one of only four cities that have this service from Google Places as of now. [Actually, I have to hat-tip Twitter for that one. –Susan]

This is a trip. Artist Chris Abbas put music to video footage of the NASA Cassini Mission in space. Whoa.

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10 responses to “Friday Recap: Guest Bloggers Rule! Edition”

  1. Jessica Lee writes:

    Was great to have you, Ani!

  2. Ani Lopez writes:

    thanks Señorita Esparza, I love discussing / expose ideas to the opinion of others to test them both, the opinions and the others :)

  3. Susan Esparza writes:

    We were so glad to have you, Ani! Your post sparked some good conversation.

  4. Ani Lopez writes:

    I really enjoyed my first guest post (ever) so thanks a lot Jessica, Susan, whoever is behind @BruceClayInc, guests bloggers Joshua, Shannon, Heather and everybody commenting to posts, tweeting, liking or disliking but interactuating.

  5. Jessica Lee writes:

    Aww, thanks, Kent — and you’re very welcome. BTW, thanks for all the great tips you share with us all the time!

  6. Kent writes:

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you very much!

    I just browsed thru your profile, I love this statement “Some people save lives, Lisa saves brands”. And I admire your achievements! :)

    It is really good to know. I have followed you on Twitter!

    Take care and keep in touch! :)

  7. Lisa Barone writes:

    I think you’re my favorite person ever, Kent.

  8. Kent writes:

    Yes, printed out. Not only Bruce Clay’s blog posts but newsletters as well. I keep them in a file so that I can easily refer to Bruce clay newsletter or blog posts in future.

    Actually even I am internet marketing consultant, I don’t prefer to read in front of my computer screen too long time, it hurts my eyes.

    Anyway, thanks Susan! :)

  9. Susan Esparza writes:

    Wow, printed out? That’s dedication. Thanks, Kent!

  10. Kent writes:

    This week, Bruce Clay blog really full of information. I printed out all blogs about SMX Advanced and blog posts by 4 guest bloggers. Thanks everyone, especially Jessica! :)

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