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April 15, 2011

Friday Recap: Mysterious Oatmeal Face Edition

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Happy Friday, fellow weekenders. Before we dive into the Friday Recap, I want to remind you to keep your eyes peeled for our SEO Newsletter, set to publish early next week. We’re going to be talking about implementing in-house SEO as well as an interview with our Bruce Clay, Inc. India offices to learn a little more about the state of search there. [You can sign up for the newsletter over there on the right. –Susan]

This week, Google rolled out the Farmer/Panda update internationally to include all English language queries. This includes all English-speaking countries like the UK and Australia, and also English queries made in other countries where the primary language is not necessarily English.

In other Google news, Google made an animated video Doodle tribute to Charlie Chaplin to commemorate his birthday, which is April 16.

The federal court ruled in favor of Facebook in the case of the Winklevoss twins versus Facebook. The twins claim Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea for Facebook from a similar idea they had called CONNECTU. The twins must make due with the $65 million in Facebook shares settlement (you can’t see me, but I’m playing a violin right now).

Speaking of rich people – actually rich fictional people, Forbes released its Fictional 15: the fake universe’s wealthiest characters. Topping the list is Scrooge McDuck. Mr. McDuck is into mining and treasure hunting, of course, and is worth an estimated $44.1 billion. Forbes profiles the duck as being so frugal that he once fought a bear for a two-dollar jar of honey … what a quack.

Switching gears, let’s talk Doritos as shells of tacos. This is not a joke, my friends. Now, I don’t make it a habit to eat fast food, and I haven’t actually stepped foot into a Taco Bell since high school, but all that’s about to change if this chip taco comes to a neighborhood near me.

Not quite sure how to introduce this next one. Susan sent me the link and warned me by saying that when she looks at it, it makes her hold her ears. These people sure do take their love for elves to a whole new level. [No, seriously. Click with caution if body modification is going to wig you out. –Susan]

A delusional couple in the UK said they found soon-to-be royalty Kate Middleton’s face in a jellybean, and plan to sell it online for about $800. That’s such a coincidence, because just today as I was preparing my oatmeal, I looked down and saw it had an uncanny resemblance to Bruce. Starting bid is $10,000 – anyone?

Bruce Clay in Oatmeal

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