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July 8, 2011

Friday Recap: Cosmic Cupcake Unicorn Rainbow Sprinkles Edition

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Not only did we get a long weekend and a short week, but we got to Friday Recap that much sooner! Got any plans this weekend? You know, after you’ve finished your delicious helping of recappy goodness. Hope you’ve got your buffet bib on. This one’s sloppy.

First things first. Have you started writing your article for the Small Biz Local Discovery Contest? Oh, you’re still trying to pick your topic? Understandably. There’s so much you could write about with a prompt like this: “How would you advise a small business owner on how best to use SEO, PPC or Social Media to drive conversions to a local business?” But don’t dilly dally. The deadline for contest submissions is Tuesday, July 19! After that, entries will be put to your vote to help determine the winners. And the lucky grand-prize winner will get a free pass to SMX East in September. See, toldja not to wait.

Here’s another fun contest happening in the industry: Raven Tools’ Best Business Shorts contest. Submit a photo of you in business shorts attire – you’ll have to go to the contest page for more on exactly what that means – and for every submission Raven’s donating a dollar to Career Gear, a nonprofit that provides work appropriate clothing and employment mentoring to the unemployed.

Internet distractions comic

An event that got a lot of participation this week was President Obama’s Twitter Town Hall. An infographic of the first-of-its kind event showed that 119,000 tweets were posted for #AskObama, with 20 answers being given over the 70 minute span. Click through to see what topics were most popular with questioners. Spoiler alert: drugs and space took the lead.

Today, the U.S. space program celebrated a successful launch of its final mission for the foreseeable future. Can you believe? People! In space! Think about that real hard for a second and allow the awe of the accomplishments wash over you. Or, if you’re more of a visual thinker, check out the NYTimes infographic, 30 Years of the Space Shuttle. [The shuttle program is 4 months older than I am. Please stop calling this technology ancient. #anxiety ─Susan]

Speaking of space, have you checked out Cosmic Panda? It’s YouTube’s experimental redesign, and I’m betting there was a convo something like this along the line:

YouTube: Good job on this redesign, Johnson. Looks good.
Johnson: Thanks, sir.
YouTube: Now we have to come up a name. What’s in with the cool kids these days, Johnson?
Johnson: Well, pandas are cool.
YouTube: Hm. Big Brother Google already named something Panda this year. What else?
Johnson: Um… space is always cool.
YouTube: Oh I know! Cosmic Panda!
Johnson: Excellent, sir.
YouTube: Yep, I’ve still got it.

Someone else who’s got it? Our industry’s biggest celebrity, Matt Cutts. Did you know he presented a TED talk on his 30 day challenges? It’s up now, so check out these words of wisdom.

With the fast and furious releases coming out of Google this month, I enjoyed WordStream’s look at the search giant’s flops and failures over the years. I have to admit, I haven’t heard of many of these. Even 3 years in and I still feel like an industry noob.

For some real professional masters of their craft, I enjoyed photographer Howard Schatz’s In Character: Actors Acting series. The emotion tapped in these images is stunning, as are the short stories created to evoke the emotions. Makes for a fascinating study of the human face.

Finally, who doesn’t like their fill of kitty face, especially on a Friday. And kitties napping for a good cause? Well, duh.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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2 responses to “Friday Recap: Cosmic Cupcake Unicorn Rainbow Sprinkles Edition”

  1. John Minter writes:

    Great posting! Unfortunately this comic hits a little too close to home. There are days when I am ready to concur the world and the Internet smacks me down! )-;

  2. Brent Rangen writes:

    I think Cutts should spend 30 days on Facebook.

    Or 30 days not adjusting the Google Algorithm! Oh, some guys within my work circle are getting pretty excited about the Small Biz contest ;)

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