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October 1, 2010

Friday Recap – Reach for the Stars Edition

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Happy October, ghosts and ghouls! Though here in southern California, no one has got the memo that it’s autumn now (did you hear about LA’s record breaking 113 F?) we’re more than ready for the upcoming holiday season.

One of the greatest holiday of the year was this week. Wednesday was National Coffee Day and Huffington Post celebrated with an amazing slide show that made me crave some caffeinated goodness. I solved my dilemma with some delicious Nuttin’ But Kisses coffee from Love the Cook, a tiny little shop in Cape May, NJ. Don’t be scared by their early decade site, the coffee is as good as their site design is bad.

Speaking of redesigns, love it or hate it, the new Twitter design is golden. Mashable discovered that the site’s new look can be mapped neatly to that nerdiest of math concepts, the golden ratio. So…there’s that, I guess.

A Google bug won’t let you go past the first page of results. Millions never notice because they didn’t get past the fold. Positions 1-4 are the new first page.

Math and science can be beautiful. Just ask Carl Sagan and his Symphony of Science (featuring Stephen Hawking.) It’s auto-tuned awesome. [Anyone else think Sagan sounds like Kermit the Frog? –Jessica]

We’ve always known there had to be habitable planets out there in the galaxy. Like Sagan said, if we’re all alone, that’s an awful waste of space. Well guess what, they’ve found one. A planet that I’m just going to go ahead and call Bob has been found some 20 light years away. Hello, potential residents of Bob! We come in total avarice.

Now, if extraterrestrials were monitoring our TV, this is what they’d be getting by distance: Bob (or Gliese 581G which is its vastly less awesome official name) is squarely in the Saved by the Bell years, wondering what the heck is wrong with Screech. [Click through for full image]


But we don’t have to go to the stars to see the stars. In fact, I’m pretty sure my entire childhood has just reached forward in time to strangle me with envy at this news. Star Tours – the most awesome thing to come out of Star Wars since the original trilogy – is reopening and Disney is promising “54 different experiences” enough that casual fans won’t ever see the same trip twice. Considering how many times I’ve failed to make the trip to Endor, I’m totally excited.

Less exciting is George Lucas, still trying to get blood from the endlessly patient stone of his fans. The gimmick this time? Star Wars in 3D, of course. We really all should have seen this one coming. There was no chance that Lucas wouldn’t see dollar signs with the new 3D fad. Raise your hand if you’re going to fall for this blatant cashing in anyway? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Almost as disturbing as Lucas’s greed is your kitchen. It is absolutely disgusting. You thought you were doing so well but not according to restaurant standards you aren’t. On the other hand, it makes me feel better about taking a chance on a grade B establishment. (Or maybe not.)

Okay, let’s palate cleanse with some warm fuzzies, shall we?

  1. IAMS went above and beyond to feed one woman’s sick kitties, not just one time but repeatedly.
  2. Googlebot, it turns out, is totally adorable.
  3. Vin Scully is staying another year as the Dodgers radio announcer. Even if you’re not a Dodger fan, you should love Vin.
  4. Worth waiting for: an 85 year old marries for the first time to Mr Right. (This might be me in 66 years, y’all.)

Much better. Now, from fuzzy to awesome: Michael Gray thinks this excellent Bat-utility belt will get me to buy an iPhone. I say it looks just about the right size to hold a BlackBerry Torch. Give us your thoughts. What phone would Batman use? Debate that in the comments and have a great weekend.

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