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August 21, 2009

Friday Recap: Relive the Magic Edition

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Jinkies! Friday already?! Feels like just yesterday I was living the SEO good life at SES San Jose.

Bruce Clay and Virginia Nussey at IM Charity Party SES San Jose
CC BY 2.0 Bruce and me at the IM
Charity Party. Photo by Dana Lookadoo.

There are some resources helping me relive the magic. At you can download all three keynotes from the SES. And Yo Yo SEO founder, Dana Lookadoo, has posted awesome albums of pictures taken at the show and after parties. I think I’ll nab one of those pics. Zoink! —->

If you didn’t get a chance to go to San Jose because you were in, oh I dunno, Australia, there’s another great educational opportunity coming your way. Throughout October a one-day SEO training program will tour Australia led by Bruce Clay Australasia. Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney are the stops, so BC’s SEO training will be available to all interested throughout the continent.

Twitter has announced that a retweeting system is in the works for the microblogging site. And a new site,, is Microsoft’s experiment with a hybrid social media search engine. Topics trending on Twitter, Twitter/Bing search, and keyword-related tweets are some of the features on the site.

Bing’s technology is also behind some cool new apps. Bing Maps is powering’s location feature for the family tree generator.

And Real Live Search is a search engine that uses a Bing API to provide search results as the user types. Basically, every letter added to the search box will result in different results being listed on the page. For SEOs this can come in handy when comparing results for slightly different queries — the difference between singular and plural, for example. [Now if only Bing’s results were better. –Susan]

In the Googleverse, AdSense will soon be rolling out enhanced contextual targeting. Be sure to click through to the gallery of worst contextual ads ever. Eesh. YouTube, meanwhile, has landed another big media content partner, Time Warner.

While we’re on the subject of online video, I haven’t been able to get this song out of my head all week:

Yes, I’ll date her avatar. Geeks are hot.

Uh, where was I? How about smart phones? Responding to controversy following Apple’s removal of Google Voice applications from the iTunes store, some iPhone owners have turned to fire arms and flames to express their disapproval at Apple’s decision to pull the apps. Ever wonder what five bullet holes in an iPhone looks like?

If you don’t plan to strap explosives to your iPhone anytime soon, you may enjoy this list of iPhone apps for SEOs and site owners. Then again, maybe you’re more of a BlackBerry person. If you’re not sure, here’s a quiz that might help you decide if RIM or Apple is best for you.

Whatever your smart phone preference, I bet I can guess your carnivore preference. Does bacon top you list of favorite meats? Endless Simmer’s 101 ways to use bacon is one tantalizing adventure into the world of bacon. There are recipes for bacon toffee, bacon marshmallows and bacon fudge, because in America we like to take liberties with our pork fat. Mm mmm!

chart of Email Performance Since 2001
MarketingSherpa charts email performance since 2001

There’s a new report on trends in email marketing performance since 2001. Efficiency seems to have dropped from a peak in 2002 to a low point in 2008 and is on the rebound this year. Emails that don’t follow best practices are hurting the worst.

Maybe these marketers aren’t playing to their strong suits. If you subscribe to astrology (or just enjoy reading horoscopes once in a while) Search Engine People has a fun take on SEO astrology, complete with that eerie feeling of being too spot on.

Earlier this week I wrote about the concept of the SEO development life cycle, and usability expert Craig Tomlin pointed out to me via Twitter that usability wasn’t mentioned. Luckily, Craig’s all over it and has posted an overview of usability testing.

In social media advice, Ian Lurie shared his tips on how to ask a blogger for a review. His four points are exactly what I’m looking for when I get requests. Take note! Also, a recent survey by shows that almost half of employers are using social media sites to screen job candidates.

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

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One response to “Friday Recap: Relive the Magic Edition”

  1. Craig Tomlin writes:

    Thanks for another fun and interesting Friday Recap! And a special thank you for the mention of my overview of usability testing post, I appreciate it! And um, “bacon fudge?” wow.

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