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April 29, 2011

Friday Recap: Royal Pain in the Heiny Edition

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I wasn’t into following the royal wedding at all. I had almost completely tuned out the coverage leading up to the ceremony that happened today. And I certainly didn’t wake up in the middle of night to watch it. I was convinced I was immune to all the excitement. This morning, I decided to check out the Royal Channel on YouTube – just to see what Kate’s dress was like.

Princess Sophia (R.I.P. babygirl!)

Big mistake.

Instantly and completely, I reverted back to childhood fantasies of being a princess. Darn you, royal wedding, and your storybook ways. Don’t you know I have the real world to deal with?

Now onto LOTS of news that has absolutely nothing to do with the royal wedding and everything to do with the real world … well, almost. The first bit of news mixes reality and fantasy.

You may recall a Friday Recap not so long ago where we told you about the Annie Leibovitz pictorals for Disney. Well, one Disney fan paid homage with his own tribute to Disney and Leibovitz with a series using not celebrities, but people around him in his daily life. [I think I like his better than Annie’s. His Gaston actually looks like someone I could see everyone fawning over. –Susan]

More on magical things: metal beans keep your coffee the perfect temperature for hours. Genius! This Kick Starter project still has a little more than two days clocked to garner investments, if you’re interested.

As many of you know, we’ve been somewhat obsessed with the puppy cam in the writers’ room. Susan tends to narrate the puppies inner thoughts throughout the day and keeps me quite entertained. [Jess is easily entertained. –Susan] I told her it reminded me of Mystery Science Theater 3000, then she told me about the spinoff company from that, RiffTrax. Its YouTube channel is hours of fun.

Speaking of YouTube, the company’s founders acquired Delicious from Yahoo!, which will continue to operate the service until July-ish. In other YouTube news, looks like the company is working with some movie studios to offer film rentals. And while we’re on the topic of films, here’s the 2011 guide to making people feel old, using movie release dates:

XKCD Movie Ages

Google’s quality score has been a hot topic lately; in fact, it’s an upcoming session topic at SMX Advanced in Seattle in June this year. This week, our very own Javier Ruesga wrote a great post on understanding the quality score. I also ran across another post this week that offers additional perspective on quality score from the Epiphany blog.

How often should you update evergreen content? This was the question Michael Gray tackled on his blog this week. On Twitter, I asked him a question pertaining to authorship, here’s his two cents:

Michael Gray @graywolf

I’d like an order of sitelinks, supersized please. This week, Search Engine Roundtable talked about Google testing jumbo-sized sitelinks over the past couple months. It’s a bit much.

The Icelandic Tourist Board says Iceland wants to be your friend. Iceland says it has much to offer, including mountains, sheep and music. Except it’s going to stay put in the middle of the ocean, so you have to go to it. [From now on, I only approve friend requests that are as adorable as this one. –Susan]

Maybe while you’re there, you can have a long-lost relative bump into you while taking your picture in front of a herd of sheep or something. This happened in Honolulu (minus the sheep), when two brothers met for the very first time as one man asked a passerby to take a picture of him.

Man in cow suit steals 26 gallons of milk from Wal-Mart. ‘Nuff said.

I’m going to leave you with a story of a man, John Francis, who took a vow of silence for 17 years. Truthfully, I’ve always wanted to do that – just for a short while. This Brain Pickings post gives a little background on his story, and John shares what he learned from being silent for so long:

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