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June 10, 2011

Friday Recap: Short-n-Sweet Edition

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It’s been one crazy week for those of us who were at SMX Advanced — for the rest of the world that wasn’t there, you can check out our liveblog coverage when you have a chance. Pictures from the conference will be up on our Facebook page by tomorrow as well, so be sure to check back. Let’s dive into a short-n-sweet recap.

Grilled cheese sandwiches are magic, but even more magical is the fact that one restaurant, The Melt, allows you to order a grilled cheese through your smartphone and have it in your hands in about a minute. Hello, instant gratification. [I really want a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup right now. –Susan]

There was a lot of talk about authorship markup using the rel attribute at SMX Advanced, so today Matt Cutts sent out a tweet directing people to this page in Webmaster Tools Help for more information.

You’ve heard the saying, “I’d give my left [insert limb here]” for something. Well one kid literally gave his kidney for an iPad. … Where do you go from there?

Hans-Peter Feldmann in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist

Ever wondered what $100,000 looks like? Artist Hans-Peter Feldmann created art from cash in his Guggenheim exhibition, going on through November 2011. I smell a heist coming on.

A fascinating article questions whether humans are distinct proof. Apparently all 25 to 30 two-footed ape species in our evolutionary group, the hominins, are now extinct except humans. According to the post, we came from a group of “two-footed, small-toothed, weakly-muscled, brainy ‘have-a-chat’ apes. Who you calling weak-muscled?

Speaking of extinction, it’s really quite sad that these U.S. industries are slowly dying. Susan and I were wondering how and why formal-wear and costume rental was on the list. [Are there fewer proms and Halloween parties or something? –Susan]

And while we’re on the topic of waning U.S. industry, this little calculator can tell you how much of your car was actually made in America. My Mustang is 65 percent — what’s yours? [Thirty-five percent American-made, not bad for my little Toyota. –Susan]

Thanks to Susan for collecting interesting links for me as I spent all day playing catch up.

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4 responses to “Friday Recap: Short-n-Sweet Edition”

  1. Jessica Lee writes:

    I would dress up every day if I could; avoiding looking like an insane person in business meetings is a whole other issue. Thanks for your comment, Jessica!

  2. Jessica writes:

    I fully endorse the idea that costume shops need to get a boom! Convention goers and the yearly Halloween shopping explosion simple aren’t enough! Monthly costume day, anyone?

  3. Jessica Lee writes:

    You, too?! I <3 it.

  4. Alan Bleiweiss writes:

    OMG Mustang!

    See, there’s always a deeper reason people connect in life.


    And uh, that costume industry thing? Yeah, I did an audit on 1 of the worlds largest costume retailers. They’re alive and well. Maybe it’s those little corner stores that are all dying. because people like me help mega sites rule the interwebs. :-)

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