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June 5, 2009

Friday Recap: Smile, It’s Friday Edition

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girl eating yummy pink donut
Photo by D Sharon Pruitt
via Creative Commons

It’s Friday. It’s National Donut Day and Paula brought us donuts. And I’m planning to rock my brains out at tonight’s 311 concert. In the meantime, I may need to wrap myself up like a duct tape mummy before my guts explode from all the excitement. Maybe sharing some cool stories will alleviate some of this bottled up energy and restore my yin and yang.

It makes sense to start off with everyone’s favorite SEO Zen master. Over at the Fire Horse Trail, David Harry points out a fascinating Google Bomb campaign and link contest by Greenpeace. It looks like the environment-oriented nonprofit is using their SEO smarts to get their cause on the radar of high-ranking corporate leaders. By encouraging people to link with strategic anchor text in exchange for links, they’re raising eyebrows in the SEO community as well as questions about Google’s tacit approval.

Here’s something to make you smile. Bruce Clay, Inc.’s Aussie cousins have posted a piece on 13 reasons to love SEO. The competitive, the logical and the facial-hair-loving are going to get a kick out of Marc Elison’s heartfelt ode to search engine optimization.

Microsoft’s new search, ahem, decision engine, Bing, went live Monday and saw generally positive reviews. One traffic analysis organization reports that Bing was the number two engine this week. Another report found that more than half of the thousand people polled said they could see themselves replacing their main engine, Google, with Bing. Search marketer Sascha Kimmel gives us a rundown of how to use Bing’s webmaster tools, while Joe Hall outs the engine for questionable Title tag display in SERPs.

SMX Advanced came and went this week. As expected, it was the source of news, knowledge and some excellent analysis. There were quite a few live bloggers, including those from Search Marketing Sage, Outspoken Media and SEO Gadget, bringing coverage of sessions to those unable to attend. Search Engine Land has rounded up SMX posts from day one and day two.

The major news out of the conference was Matt Cutts’s comment that nofollow-based PageRank sculpting was less effective than before. The news was slightly concerning to Internet marketers who have dedicated much time and resources to the tactic. But it was nice to be reminded by search marketer Andrew Girdwood that knowing about the nofollow policy change is better than the alternative. The search engine leader also released Google Squared this week to mixed reviews.

During SMX Advanced, Bruce was a speaker on the SEO Vets Take All Comers session. While I have no way of showing you what he said there (other than pointing you to liveblog coverage), I can share this just-released interview on WebProNews. In the video, Bruce addresses some of the biggest changes to the search marketing space since it first emerged in the 90s.

Along with offering premiere liveblog coverage of SMX Advanced, Outspoken Media recently released their Online Reputation Management Guide. Considering the source, it’s bound to be a priceless resource for all your ORM needs. From assessing your online reputation to preventing or responding to negative criticism, it’s all within the pages of this free guide.

Rebecca Kelley of SEOmoz fame retweeted a quiz made just for dessert lovers. How many desserts do you think you can name? Paula’s currently in the lead with 28. Any takers?

Our friends at WordStream are giving away a sweet treat on their blog. It’s a template for “internal link building”, i.e., getting your employees to link to you. Not a bad idea for gathering link love through your closest allies. And it comes in a handy, ready-to-use format!

Affiliate Convention, presented by and, is just around the corner. Denver will host the annual event from June 17-20, and as always, affiliate marketers get in free. Something that might prove more costly? Tweeting your whereabouts. An investigation into one home robbery has highlighted the fact that alerting people about your week-long vacation could have serious consequences.

I know it seems like you can’t go two steps these days without hearing about trendy social networks like Twitter or Facebook, but social media is nothing new. There’s a fascinating history of social media at Social Media Rockstar that takes us from the phone era to the age of Google Wave. The photo of a young Steve Wozniak is priceless.

Before I sign off, I want to share a touching post by Marty Weintraub of aimClear. After SMX Advanced he wrote about his affection for the search industry and his appreciation for the people in it. It’s a lovely story that illustrates the strong bonds so frequently formed in the search community. Thanks for summing it up so beautifully, Marty.

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

  • This crazy head game could make you correct more often. But what if you’re always right anyway? /sarcasm
  • Want to really scare your kid about what could be lurking under the bed? Yikes!
  • Ladies will be equally frightened when faced with what exactly we’re putting on our face. The things we do for beauty.
  • Everyone can join the effort to map the Internet.
  • What happens when you tickle a gorilla? He LOLs of course! Hehehe!
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