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September 24, 2010

Friday Recap: TGIF Edition

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Phew … what a week. Susan and I were so discombobulated with Virginia gone, we couldn’t remember what day it was most mornings when we arrived, but each day we kept our eye on the prize, and that prize is the weekend. And now I finally know it’s here because I’m writing the Friday Recap!

I don’t know about you, but cute little stray animal babies that are adopted by moms of other species always gets me. This squirrel doesn’t know any better than to purr when it’s pet because its new mom is a cat. I want one.

One woman went from bush to cush after she was orphaned as a child during the Vietnam war when her mother left her in a shrub. She was later adopted by a British family and became a very successful business woman. Now, she’s paying it forward by selling nearly all her possessions, including 300 pairs of shoes (Susan is drooling), to open an orphanage in Vietnam. [If I buy them all, I’m helping orphans! Special pleading is the best fallacy of all. –Susan]

Susan and I both just agreed this is probably one of the funniest/cutest things ever: dogs on escalators. I really can’t explain it. It’s something you have to see for yourself. These dogs, unlike most people, will still know what to do if an escalator ever breaks down and turns into just stairs.

The city of Sunrise, FL ceased to exist for more than a month; that is, if your validation of things that exist depends on Google and its maps. Google isn’t giving specifics on the reason why the sunny city went missing, but attributed it to “inaccuracies” from map sources it uses. By the way, thanks Google Maps for continuing to disappoint – you made me miss one of my best friend’s weddings for this very reason. Not cool.

The 90s has finally decided to let go of one of its biggest fads: Blockbuster Video stores. The movie rental company filed for bankruptcy this week, leaving potentially thousands of high school kids and grown adults who live in their mom’s basements, jobless. Some brick and mortar stores will go on for those who actually enjoy aimlessly roaming the aisles of rentals. For those who live in the 21st century, you’ll likely be able to enjoy more online streaming and DVD-by-mail services as the chain uses a $125 million loan to compete with companies such as Netflix.

Netflix vs Blockbuster via The Consumerist

Question: If you had to choose: zombies or unicorns? Don’t even think about it; just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. A healthy debate over this age-old question (Wait, is it?) is presented in Simon & Schuster’s newest collection of short stories, Zombies vs. Unicorns. I, of course, am Team Unicorn.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Yay for measuring ROI and stuff. Twitter is going to launch a real-time analytics dashboard and send to select beta testers in the beginning of Q4. Speaking of Twitter, @TWITTERWHALE took at jab at Facebook with this delightful passive-aggressive graphic, when Facebook failed to work this week, leaving hundreds of millions lost, many of whom turned to Twitter for their social media fix.

There’s nothing spookier than a 6-foot-tall, edible and delicious gingerbread house. Er, well, at least that was Disney’s vision was when they created the scary structure to be featured in the Haunted Mansion for its “Haunted Mansion Holiday” motif. Disney, if you’re reading, I hope you have extra security when I get on the ride; I like me some gingerbread. [This is me, heading to Disneyland –Susan]

Wait – SEO can’t make pigs fly? Nope. Not according to our very own Bruce Clay, who among others, was recently quoted in a post that helps the “layperson” understand what SEO is and isn’t.

And with that, I’m going to the dentist for the first time in two years … I’m fully expecting them to say I need my entire mouth surgically removed, so it’s a good thing I know how to write. Have a good weekend, everyone!

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