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December 31, 2010

Friday Recap: The Best of ‘Best of 2010’s

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We had a lot of “best of” this and “best of” that this week. So, I thought it would be appropriate to give a nod to our own SEM best of 2010, then roundup the best of the “best of”s floating around on the Web.

Some of the stories in this 2010 animal news recap might tug at your heartstrings, some might leave you a little confused and some just leave you in awe of nature.

  • Tugged heartstrings: a) Two-legged lamb with will to survive (I want to rescue it and take it home and pet it and give it prosthetics). b) Rescued chicken in custom-made sweater.
  • Confusion: a) Monkey hitches ride on macaw. Macaw does not look happy. b) Monkey in scary baby mask. c) Monkey with makeup, lip syncing.
  • Awe: a) Chimpanzees look like humans without hair. Whoa. b) Octopuses just want to be friends. (I read they are actually quite intelligent!)

Amazon released its best of 2010 lists, with best-selling products, most-wished-for products and most-popular gift products of the year.

I did not see my most wished-for-products on there, but Amazon does not yet sell big houses with shutters and large yards to play with all my fictional pets.

But, some of the items that did make the list might surprise you. My favorite: Chia Obama. [Oh God, why? –Susan]

In entertainment news, The New York Post released a best of movies in 2010 list. Don’t expect the giant Hollywood productions like Avatar to be in there. These films are more Indie productions than anything else.

From movies to books, the Miami Herald reviewed the best fiction and nonfiction books of 2010. The author of the post speculated whether or not books would survive in this digital age, but the popularity of some of the books this year lead the author to believe that books are here to stay, even though the method of delivery is changing.

I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy, but I know a bunch of people do. So, this Grey’s Anatomy best of is for you. I have no idea what it means when they say the best love story is Cristina and Owen, but I’m sure that gets all you fans real excited.

From on-screen stars to off-screen celebs, the next “best of” is the year in celebrity tweets. No surprise, Kim Kardashian is in there, along with Paris, Justin Bieber, etc., etc. Confirmed: Lady Gaga cooks casserole in 1960s garb.

And on that note, Cooking Light released greatest hits for recipes in 2010. Cooking Light assures readers that entries meet stringent standards for healthier eating. I’m not quite sure how No. 2 on the list, Poutine, (translation: duck fat, potatoes and salty cheese) is healthy, but I guess I’ll take their word for it? Update: This is probably a helpful place point to a healthy eating resource of mega portions: a guide to USDA’s food guides over the years compiled by KaTom Restaurant Supply. Take a tour of the evolution of the food wheel to the food pyramid to today’s MyPlate.

Finally, are you you ready for a pop-tastic super crazy dose of the most annoying loved pop songs of 2010?! The United State of Pop 2010 courtesy of DJ Earworm is sure to give you new ways to get these unwelcomed songs stuck in your head.

We’re taking Monday off here at BCI, so we’ll see you again on Tuesday, January 4th. Until then, have a happy and safe new year and we hope 2011 will be the best year yet!

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