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October 29, 2009

Friday Recap: Thursday Edition

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I know you’re used to getting your recap on Fridays, but tomorrow’s our Halloween party! That translates to the entire BCI crew in spirited costumes having wicked good fun. What can I say? We love to dress up!

So there’s a good chance tomorrow will be a pretty hectic day, and since I plan to be among the undead, I can’t really count on much brain capacity. I figured why not serve up some recap while I’ve got the necessary presence of mind?

The Internet commemorates its 40th birthday today. Kind of. There are lots of milestones that could be counted as the “birth” of the Internet but the one that happened forty years ago today is the connection of to nodes of ARPANET. It’s like a big deal or something. Yay, Internet! [Officially Over the Hill. –Susan]

Turns out spending a couple hours a day online may actually be good for your mental health. A study suggests that the onset of dementia may be prevented or slowed by the brain stimulation caused by surfing the Web. If that’s the case, in sixty years there will be a whole bunch of sharp, old SEOs out there still doing their thing!

Or course, every tool that can be used for good can be just as easily used for trickery. This week a slew of celebrity robberies were blamed in part on the Internet.

screen captured from home page of on Oct. 27, 2009

A group of teens (who went to school in my home town, actually — go Chargers!) are suspected of burglarizing a slew of homes belonging to young Hollywood stars. Police say the thieves used celebrity Web sites to track the celebrities’ whereabouts, providing the burglars easy access to empty homes and all the cool stuff therein. Spooooky! [Dear horrible people on the Internet. I never leave home and I have a shotgun. Love and kisses, Susan]

One of the suspects blamed her criminal activity on bad friends. Now that Google’s testing out the social space, it may be a little easier to stay connected with friends — hopefully just the good ones. Social Search launched in Google Labs this week and a bald-headed Matt Cutts has the honor of the intros.

News around Yahoo! was slightly less celebratory as Geocities said its goodbyes, taking a slew of personal, free Web sites with it. Bing, meanwhile, got into the holiday spirit with Halloween-themed ads. Together, the pair postponed their self-imposed search deal deadline citing the “complex nature of the transaction”.

Members of the search industry obviously keep up with the big three engines, but have you ever considered your alternatives? Over at Search Engine Watch Carrie Hill rounds up and categorizes AdWords alternatives, including PPC, cost-per-impression and cost-per-lead ad programs.

Directories have been touted as a potential source for inbound links. But one of the oldest and most authoritative directories, DMOZ, is notoriously difficult to get into. Seeking to uncover this thorn in the SEO industry’s side, Debra Mastaler talked to the Open Directory Project’s editor in chief in a revealing interview posted on Search Engine Land.

pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness

Finally, as October rolls to a close, so does National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But the need for care and giving carries on. The search and social media marketers are supporting the cause through TwakeUp, a social media campaign in which all money raised will be given to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. You can make donations to this campaign through November.

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

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  1. Carrie Hill writes:

    Hi Virgina,
    Thanks for mentioning my SEW article – I actually had a lot of fun writing it and learned some useful stuff.


  2. pc zubehör writes:

    Thanks for the well written article. It was really good reading.

  3. Alec Green writes:

    Enjoy your Halloween party tomorrow. If you are in need of a last-minute costume (or a good laugh), check out Frank Eybsen’s Top 10 Online Marketing Costume Ideas:

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