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May 26, 2006

Friday Recap!

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First, our condolences go out to Robert Scoble and the entire Scoble clan after the passing of their mother yesterday evening. Robert has an inspiring post on his blog today entitled, “The Questioning of Career, Life Family, Love Follows Grief“. It’s heartfelt and inspiring, and we would urge you to give it read.

Okay, back to the search stuff:

Google began dropping sites for distributing hate content this week. Perhaps trying to avoid another Google lawsuit. Dropped sites included the conservative-based New Media Journal, The Jawa Report and, all of whom received personalized letters from Google explaining the reasons behind the drop. Site owners were outraged and claimed liberal Google was trying to quiet the conservative voice.

The uproar caused the boys at NMJ to write a letter to its reader claiming Google was setting a ‘dangerous precedent’ by trying to ‘promote their unique brand of corporate censorship’. Yes, bad Google for trying to promote tolerance. Bad. NMJ worked up a list of alternative engines that people should use to replace Google. My favorite is the listing for the search engine “Clutsy” (misspelling of Clusty). I’d be careful with that one; they’re probably dropping sites like crazy too. Ooo!

You know who else doesn’t like Google? Steve Ballmer. Yes, Microsoft’s CEO called Google evil. Well, sort of. Listen to it for yourself. Ah, more cat fights.

Google has announced their new partnership with Dell, which will preinstall Google software and its toolbar onto millions of new Dell computers. I vote good for Dell, but bad for Google. Google isn’t going to gain any additional users because they are the default search on Dell systems. Google has become a verb. We’re past that ‘getting the word out’ phase. All this deal does is make Google look like a bully for crying about IE7’s MSN toolbar.

And a big thanks to Gary Price for posting an actual, relevant blog entry this week. Readers were treated to an informative entry regarding Ask’s Stock Search & Smart Answers and I couldn’t have been happier. See, maybe all they needed was a little kick in the butt. Now if we could only talk to them about adding the Bruce Clay, Inc. blog to their blogroll…

An administrator in the V7N forums posed a very good question this week: If you were to launch a search engine to compete with Google, what Google weaknesses would you try to exploit? That troublemaker! Suggestions were to emphasize its ‘family friendliness’ (as opposed to Google’s porn-o-riffic image searches), engine stability (no crazy ranking fluctuations) or create an engine with a better financial section.

A Cre8asite forum member consulted the masses after a ‘pretty popular SEM company’ told him they would use Google’s paid inclusion (which doesn’t exist) and Google Sitemaps to get his site top rankings. They also told him their engineers could predict changes to Google’s algorithm. I’d like to get my hands on that guy’s crystal ball. Forum members immediately discounted and pull apart this ‘SEO’s’ bad faith claims and helped set the poster straight. It’s sad when people jeopardize the entire SEO community by propagating lies.

Zillow, our favorite ‘how-much-is-your-house-worth’ site now features a page that gives users a view of their favorite celebrity residences, including shots of the Mike and Carol Brady’s house, the San Francisco home of Charmed and the Walsh’s quintessential ’90s home from 90210. Oh, Dylan.

We leave you with Google’s puzzle genius, Wei-Hwa’s, SuDoKu puzzle-beating method, Phil Lenssen’s Google Map Quiz, Google’s new print ads, and Valleywag’s Marissa Mayer giggle remix. That last one is a definite keeper.

That’s it from us. From everyone at Bruce Clay, Inc., we hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! We’ll see you on Tuesday.

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