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February 13, 2012

Your Complete 2012 Guide for Tackling Important SEO Issues

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Bruce Clay Australia’s SEO Factors and Trends report is out, packed full of information on the key factors in 2011 that impacted search engine optimization, including tips on how to address them, plus a look into 2012 trends and how to prepare. The 25-page report is a handy reference guide for professionals and business owners who want a high-level overview of the issues in search marketing that must be addressed for online success. The report is free and available for download here.

Some of the highlights of the report include:

  • A look into the integration of search and social, and how to ensure your business is prepped for the growing popularity and changes in Facebook, the Google+ community and its business pages, and Google’s +1 button.
  • Major changes/collaborations of search engines and what they mean to Web marketing, including the development of, the completion of Yahoo’s search data transferred to Bing and the end of Yahoo! Site Explorer.
  • How to handle the changes Google is making to improve its search results by targeting low-quality sites, paid link schemes, and duplicate content and “freshness” issues.

The report also highlights some trends to keep an eye on in 2012:

  • Why Google’s Panda algo update will only continue to be more and more important in SEO.
  • What types of content you need to succeed.
  • How big brands will fare over other businesses in the search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Why you can’t ignore Google+.
  • The long-awaited adoption of HTML5 into Google’s content.
  • The layout of the Google SERP and how it’s evolving to show less and less websites above the fold.
  • The growth of mobile search and its impact on things like Google Places, vlogging and the need for mobile-ready sites.
  • The rise of new on-page factors in SEO that are becoming more important than ever before.
Dive into all this insight and more; claim your copy of the SEO Factors & Trends Report now.
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5 responses to “Your Complete 2012 Guide for Tackling Important SEO Issues”

  1. Bellevue SEO writes:

    Couldn’t agree more that Google’s Panda algo update will only continue to be more and more important in SEO. Last year was just the beginning… ;)

  2. peter - small business internet marketing writes:


    I just downloaded your report – I suspect it will be fascinating reading.

    And in an ever-evolving field, one can never study enough.

    Thanx a mill


  3. Aditi Datta @ seo company india writes:

    Thanks Jessica for this informative post! This 2012 guide is truly a complete one and contains all necessary information. I also like the report highlights. Thanks for posting!

  4. Jeremy Beckett writes:

    Many thanks for the comments Shashank.

    Really glad you found the report & recommended actions useful & informative – as you can probably imagine a good deal of work went into it!



  5. Shashank Gupta writes:

    Hi Jessica, I am going through the report currently, and its a great information bundle. Specially loved the segment of recommended actions. Most reports merely point out what’s going on or what’s going to happen.

    But your recommended actions segment makes this report doubly useful. Thanks for the great stuff. Looking forward to more such reports :-)

    Can’t believe J.C Penny’s link penalty, still found space in your report!! I had done a post on it myself, and I felt that this is a big issue, that will reverberate the SEO world for some time to come. Glad to find your report too find’s this issue worth mentioning.

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