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June 2, 2009

SEO sharing session Part 2

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This is the second part of the SEO roundup that is conducted fortnightly by the Bruce Clay Australia analysts. The SEO sharing session Part 1 was posted last week and this is the final part of the search engine optimisation roundup.
Are Affiliate Links Unethical Without Disclosure?
• Lisa Barone discusses recent comments by Jeremiah Owyang ( & Patricio Robles (Econsultancy) that affiliate links are all about intent.
• They claim that to play within the lines of ethics in social media where a strategy of disclosure needs to be exercised, as well as full transparency. It touches on the use of affiliate links and using them deceptively.
• She believes that trust is the key and that she values relationships with her readers. She then states that she has never included an affiliate link in a blog post or on Twitter but she is not against the use of them.
• Lisa’s view is that she would hope her readers would trust her and what she recommends as she wouldn’t link to something that she didn’t believe in and would potentially damage her reputation.

horse racing

Photo by End User via Creative Commons

How Do You Manage Client Expectations
• Discusses the dreaded C word!!!! – Clients!
• Lisa Barone claims: “More often than not, “problem clients” are actually a case of bad leadership from the SEO.”
• Lisa then covers how Outspoken Media treat clients from the moment they receive contact from them – Twitter, Skype, contact form on web site, etc
• They always phone a client first to get direct expectations & get real information back.
• They then meet with the client and discuss a strategy and come up with a contract. Both are tailored to the client’s needs.
• Make sure everything is within a contract as that is the basis of a good working relationship.
• Constant communication is the key to keeping customers happy & always document all liaisons with clients as evidence.
4 Reasons Your Blog Is Broken (And How To Fix It)
• Lisa Barone states that many established blogs have lost their quality. If your blog is broken you should fix it !Things that could be wrong :
1. The blogger loses their magic.
2. Your content is tired.
3. You’re annoying the hell out of people because there’s too much self-absorbed noise and not even signal.
4. You still exist but no one cares.

The Next Big Shift in Web Marketing

• About an article in TechCrunch entitled “Jump Into The Stream”
• The article is about how the internet appears to be going through its next big shift, which is moving towards becoming a stream of immediate information (think about the appeal of Facebook/Twitter and how they provide an immediacy of information).
• Basically this is no revelation as it’s just another way to describe social media marketing.
• Aaron says that what this means for SEOs is that we need to think more about what traffic is, where it comes from and how to hook it. He says look where people are spending their time and it’s not on web pages or sites but within a trusted channel that provides a flow of information.
• He thinks that the main characteristics of this channel are immediacy, the fleeting visit, trust, relevancy, and remarkable-ness.
Video Blogging Gets Easy – WordPress Steps Up With VideoPress
• VideoPress is an update to their WordPress that allows uploading of videos right to your blog at
• With the video upgrade (available on your upgrades page, bottom left of dashboard navigation at when you upload a video it will automatically be encoded into several different bitrates just right for streaming on the web, DVD quality, HD quality, and even optimized for iTunes and Miro.
• Not free as it costs about $5 a month at
• Current metrics are limited to how often a video is viewed .
• In terms of video encoding it will convert your video into h.264 MP4.
• Three flavors if the source material includes standard video (width 400 px & bit rate 796 kb/sec), DVD video (width 640 px & bit rate 1528 kb/sec) and HD video (width 1280 px & bit rate 3128 kb/sec)

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use For Online Video

• The American University School of Communication’s Center for Social Media has released a report on what constitutes fair use of copyrighted video and material online.
• It does not include any public domain or Creative Commons usage issues or recommendations.
• The 16-page report outlines various uses that would be considered Fair Use and include:
Commenting on or Critiquing of Copyrighted Material.
Usage for illustration or example.
Capturing incidentally or accidentally.
• Reproducing, reposting or quoting to memorialise, preserve or rescue.
• Copying, reposting or recirculating to stimulate discussion.
• Quoting and recombining to show relationship

PrintFriendly makes blogs printable
Ever read a blog or online news article that you want to print out, but don’t want the annoying sidebar and spam/advertising to waste your precious ink (especially in these hard financial times)
Enter, PRINT FRIENDLY! a new site that lets you enter a URL of a web page and get a printable version: just the content and inline images, in a very readable format. If you want, you can go one step further and remove the images from the post, it will also let you download the content as a PDF. (How neat!)
It is not yet perfect, as sites that have in-text widgets don’t convert particularly well. PrintFriendly could compensate for these issues by allowing you to edit the document before printing! Nonetheless, it’s a handy tool to have at your fingertips should you ever need a printout without wasting ink

Navegg: Google Analytics for Behaviour

In a nutshell: Navegg is a web-based system that calculate demographic profiles based on users’ online behaviour.
Idea: All website owners, regardless of industry or audience, want insight on their site traffic and visitors. Some of that information is crucial to securing advertisers, clients, customers or press attention. Google analytics is a great free solution, but it does little to identify the demographics of your visitors. Enter NAVEGG, a private beta site that provides you with behavioural analysis of your sites visitors so that you can serve dynamic content and ads to the most appropriate audience.
Navegg isn’t site specific: instead its a network of partner sites that work collectively to tackle behavioural analysis of audiences.
DocCash: upload documents, download dollars
If I told you that you could make money just by uploading your documents to the web.. youd probably think im insane.. But it turns out, DocCash is doing it, the catch? The documents that you upload need to generate ad clicks.
The earning process is quiet simple, upload a document and every time a viewer clicks on one of the ads displayed, you earn a percentage of the revenue that DocStoc pulls in.
I hope you enjoyed reading the roundup of what we thought were the top and most interesting stories in the online world, this will become a permanent feature of the blog so check back often or subscribe to the RSS feed for all the latest SEO news.

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