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September 25, 2009

SEO Tools | My favourites

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So working in SEO means that a lot of the time half my Firefox screen is normally taken up by the website I am viewing and the other half by various tools and toolbars that allow me to do my job more effectively and efficiently, so I thought I would quickly share with you some of my most used and useful search engine optimisation tools.

tools for seo

Photo by Matt Browne via Creative Commons

Bruce Clay SEM Toolbar

Anytime I mention SEO tools, I am contractually bound to mention Bruce’s Toolbar, JOKES. But seriously, this toolbar may not have all the functionality of some of the other tools but the fact that it seamlessly integrates with the Bruce Clay SEO Toolset (which I use all the time) makes it one of my most used tools. Even if you don’t have a Toolset account, the free tools available with the toolbar are very useful, the keyword density analysis is excellent and can find a lot of on-page optimisation issues. The proxy support is great for those SEO’s who practice their craft around the world and need to see search results that appear naturally in the country the site is being targeted/ hosted. The keyword statistics gives some great information including demographic information and a whole bunch of other cool stuff as can be seen in the image below. Now I didn’t always use the toolbar as it only ran on internet explorer ( and I like internet explorer as much as I like a freak Sydney Dust Storm that covers my room in a fine red dust ), but a few months ago Bruce adapted the toolbar so that it runs in Firefox too (yay).
BC toolbar

Download page for the SEM Toolbar

Web Developer Toolbar

This is one seriously in depth and extensive tool. It is in the form of a toolbar that seamless integrates with my Firefox. It’s just so easy to do complex tasks with this tool. Want to see how the page renders with Java Script turned off? Two Clicks and you have it. Want to see how the site looks without the CSS file? Two clicks and you have it. Want to see the alt attributes of every image displayed next to the actual image? Two clicks and you have it, notice a recurring theme going on? The Web developer toolbar also integrates with 3rd party applications so it makes it easy to validate HTML and check the CSS files are working accurately. For anyone involved in any form of online marketing, be it web design, SEO or anything in between the Web Developer Toolbar is a must have.
Download page for the Web Developer Toolbar


This a great tool for the more technically minded SEO/web developer/gummy bear out there. It is really great for analysing snippets of code or finding out how a certain element on a page actually works. As the Firebug website states “You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page”. A great thing is that you dont even need web access for it to work; it runs purely within the Firefox environment with no connections needed (obviously you might need to connect to actually see the web site you are analysing). It is pretty lean on resource use goes into a suspended state of animation until you call on it. You can also use its tools to identify why your site might be loading more slowly than usual. The newer versions of Firebug also have some really cool AJAX analysis tools.
Download Page for Firebug
This is far from an exhaustive list and are just the 3 tools I probably use the most. The one thing that all these seo tools have in common? THEY ARE FREE, that’s right, you dont have to outlay one cent for these impressive functions and cool productivity tools.
Have a great weekend all.
Bruce Clay Australia SEO Training

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No responses to “SEO Tools | My favourites”

  1. Marc Elison writes:

    Ye, Firebug is a really useful tool, in terms of analysing on-page coding, very glad you enjoyed the tips

  2. Cemil writes:

    I have actually downloaded the SEM Toolbar for Firefox after reading about some of the features. It works pretty well and I have not noticed any drop in performance.
    Have heard about Firebug previously but did not give it a second though; may need to re-look into it now.
    Thanks for the tips Marc.

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