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January 21, 2008

SEO Weekend Update 01/21/2008

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Get Your SEO Contest Submission In!

We’re really excited about the feedback, emails and submissions we’ve already received in response to our latest SEO Charity Contest and here’s another reminder to YOU that you have until February 11th to give us yours! That’s right, Monday, February 11th is the absolute last day for you to submit your site analysis and potentially win yourself a free trip to Search Engine Strategies New York, as well as our new and improved SEOToolSet training and Advanced Certification course.

But don’t wait until the last minute. Once you’ve selected your charity and gotten their okay, go ahead and write up your site review and send it on over to Lisa (that’s me) so she (um, I) can put it with the other contest winner hopefuls. Maybe I’ll be so blown away by your entry that I won’t even both reading everyone else’s.

(Okay, that’s probably not likely but you should still gets yours in early anyway.)

Will Making Yahoo More Delicious Help?

Yahoo has been caught testing Delicious integrated search results. Ooo, saucy! Lucky test victims will now immediately be able to see if a page is listed in Yahoo’s social bookmarking site Delicious and how many people have bookmarked it, arguably telling them how deliciously popular it is. Ah, there are so many fabulous plays on the Yahoo/Delicious mix I can’t even choose which ones to go with.

It’s somewhat of an interesting move on Yahoo’s part. Integrating social bookmarking elements into their SERPs is a good differentiator, but you have to wonder if most searchers will even know what that little icon means. If they don’t, is Yahoo doing themselves an injustice and confusing users by throwing it in there? Perhaps. Or it could turn out to be an excellent way to highlight and brand a really great bookmarking tool.

I like the idea of having it in there, but I can’t see how it would ever be successful. If they do it keep it, it’s only going to launch endless speculation that Yahoo is favoring pages with high Delicious activity. And once that happens the whole thing is going to be spammed to hell. Why even bother going through the trouble? Ah, no good deed, my friends, no good deed.

Google Modifies AdSense Referral Program. Again.

It seems like Google heard the outrage that broke out the first time they announced changes to their AdSense referral program so they went back to the drawing board and gave it another go.

This weekend the Google AdSense Blog issued a follow-up to their referrals announcement. Under the new rules, your ability to participate in the program will depend on where your audience is located, not where you’re currently sitting. Basically, publishers will earn $100 for every user they refer who is located in North America, Latin America or Japan and generates $100 in AdSense revenue within 180 days. However, publishers will not earn any money referring publishers who do not live within the three magic regions. Sorry guys, it’s better than nothing. Again, these changes will take effect at the end of this month.

Fun Finds

Fourteen percent of bloggers prefer to do it in bed. Good to know.

The rumor patrol says major layoffs are coming to Yahoo? Uh ohs. [Definitely not delicious. –Susan]

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