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July 30, 2010

Friday Recap: Hand-picked Goodness Edition

no more peas

Happy Friday, friends! Doing anything cool this weekend? You say you’re reading the recap? Excellent choice. The menu of the day is search news, (not-so-shameless) self promotion, and then dessert! launched the private beta of their Q&A community. It’s a fresh new search offering, but one that leverages the search engine’s question-and-answer roots. The social search feature will be integrated into search results, and if the answer’s not yet available, the searcher will be able to get in touch with a subject-matter expert in’s Q&A community.

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July 16, 2010

Friday Recap: BlueGlass and Sass

cat face

Welcome to Friday, crazy cats. We both know you totally earned this weekend, so I thank you for stopping by for some recap before heading out to your sweet summer Saturday.

Susan and I have our plans all sorted out for the weekend. Come Sunday we’ll be driving out to Marina del Rey to attend the BlueGlass LA Internet marketing conference happening Monday and Tuesday. Susan will be liveblogging the sessions and I’ll be snapping up as many interviews as I can carry for our radio show. You’ll be there, too, if you’re in the area and know what’s good for you. Use the code bcbgla when you register to get 15 percent off.

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February 11, 2010

Google and Ask to Battle for Q&A Supremacy

aardvark asking a question

This week Google has made bold moves to extend its reach of Internet services. They’ve announced their intentions in the territories of ISPs, social networking, SEO consulting, and is now going after community-based question and answer.

Google is a threatening competitor in any market, bringing with it deep pockets and an impressive brain trust. So when news broke that Google has acquired Aardvark, a question and answer–based social network, it was clear that the big dog was going after’s neighborhood.

So what do you do when Google’s coming after you? Doug Leeds, President of, was able to give me a few minutes of his time to answer that very question.

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December 17, 2009

SEM Synergy Sync Up Q&A search strategy

The last few weeks have flown by in a blur. And in the mad dash of the holidays, I’ve failed to give due love to the podcast this month. I have a sneaking suspicion that if I don’t talk about the podcast here on the blog, no one’s going to remember that exists! Why is that? You love the podcast, right?

You just haven’t been able to listen to it lately, what with the crazy time of year. I know how it goes. So to help you jump back into the podcast, here are your SEM Synergy extras for December’s episodes thus far. Develops New Q&A Search Technology, Aims to Index the Human Source

If you’re an online marketer interested in keeping up with the bleeding edge of search, you really can’t miss this podcast. Doug Leeds, the president of U.S., talks to me about the company’s strategy for developing the next generation of search.

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