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May 7, 2007

Weekend Update 05/07/2007

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Search More Developed In the UK

Chris Sherman pointed to a new white paper from Latitude Group, a UK search marketing firm, that suggests the US would have earned another $11 billion last year in search if penetration was as high as it is in the UK. The paper attributed the "relative under-development" of the US search market on our reliance of in-house search skills. Apparently, everyone should be out-sourcing their paid search campaigns as the Latitude Group calls in-house search marketers both less innovative and less effective. Ouch.

Obviously, it depends on the type of campaign you’re running. There’s no reason why small search campaigns can’t be managed in-house assuming you have staff dedicated to do that.

Once your campaign begins to grow, you start experiencing the search life cycle Mike Solomon talked about during the PPC Strategies session at last month’s Ad:Tech San Francisco. (See, Bruce, I really do pay attention and learn stuff!) Companies start out with small keywords lists and are able to keep them in-house, but eventually things grow and come completely unmanageable. Companies need to know when it’s appropriate to hire out and when they can be managed in-house.

More Then Just A Pretty Face

Joe Dolson had an insightful post last week about the true purpose of a site redesign. Believe it or not, it’s not just about making your site look pretty. You mean there’s more to life than just being pretty? I’m so dead.

I can say from experience that when we approach site owners about redesigns we pay special attention to both the usability and navigability of the site. Before committing to anything, we encourage site owners to look at their analytics data to see how the site is performing as a whole – what’s working, where are users are getting lost, what’s most important to them, etc. Take this time to plug up the holes in your site.

As Joe points out, a Web site redesign is about creating a better Web site. There’s no point putting a pretty face on something that sucks underneath. Around here we call that site a Susan Esparza. (Zing!) [At least you said I was pretty. I think this is progress. –Susan] – I’ve always told people that you’re pretty. You’re just not as pretty as me.

Possible New Google Layout

TechCrunch was trying to confirm this morning if a new Google layout spotted by Beyond Teck was real or just a really good Photoshop. I can vouch for its authenticity as it’s the layout I was using all weekend. However, Beyond Teck claims the layout change is actually a "feature" for users with Google Web History enabled.

Um, I hope not because I distinctly remember disabling my Web history. Perhaps I should recheck…

The most significant layout feature is a left navigation bar which provides users instant access to Google’s other search properties. I suppose it’s useful, but it is kind of ugly. I won’t tell you what Bruce Clay employee we’ve named that after.

Fun Finds

Head over to Sugarrae’s blog to watch me choke under pressure in my guest post Thou Shalt Not Suck. I don’t want to ruin the ending for you, but I totally sucked.

Frank Watson has created the 2007 Pinnoche Awards to out those using press releases as a way to over hype and stretch the truth. Awesome.

Congrats to Gary and Lisa Price who were married this weekend! Barry Schwartz attended the ceremony and blogged about it over Cartoon Barry – no liveblogging though. What a slacker. Hopefully those dancing lessons paid off for Gary, and how cute are Danny and Barry in the photo at the bottom? Don’t you just want to go home and snuggle with them? I do.

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3 responses to “Weekend Update 05/07/2007”

  1. Barry Schwartz writes:

    Nah, you’ll need them if you don’t support the use of Twitter.

  2. Lisa writes:

    Are you going to take away my yo-yos if I tell you I don’t support the use of Twitter because I find it highly retarded? :)

  3. Barry Schwartz writes:

    Have you heard of Twitter? ;-)

    Twittered most of the event live…

    Here is just one of my twitters from the wedding

    Awesome wedding, btw.

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