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December 10, 2007

Weekend Update: YouTube & Charts

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Should You Be Marketing On YouTube?

While a good number of us were misbehaving in Las Vegas and/or Chicago, there was an important discussion taking place on my email list of choice, LED Digest. The question at hand was whether or not search marketers should be using YouTube to reach their audience.

If your audience is ingesting video, then yes, you should absolutely be using YouTube to connect with them and gain visibility. Just because you’re on YouTube doesn’t mean you’re posting videos of yourself falling down the stairs (email me those privately). You can be smart about it. As David Spahr commented in the thread, if you’re a company that sells tea, create a video demonstrating how you brew the perfect cup. There are plenty of ways to make YouTube work for you. It’s also worth noting that even if you put videos on your site, it may also be beneficial for you to upload them onto YouTube as well. It’s no secret that Google and YouTube are BFFs.

I read four days of LED comments on the topics, but it was marketer Jesper Brantberg’s comments that really made me stop in my tracks. Jesper wrote:

“Well, NO! If you run a legitimate business I think your business can be damaged if you try to “sell” your products on YouTube. YouTube is not a serious way to do business. I personally would never buy something from an “ad” shown on YouTube.”

Reading that over, I guess I somewhat agree with Jesper. I don’t believe that marketers should use YouTube as a way to “sell”. YouTube should be used the same way you use your blog. Use it as a way to interact with your audience and connect with them in their environment. Video’s allow marketers to provide step-by-step tutorials, brand themselves in a new way, and humanize their persona. This is not your chance to record a sleazy commercial with big “Buy Now” logos or suddenly get really pitchy. Use your video to complement the content on your site and then direct users in. It’s more a branding and informational channel than a sales tool.

Embeddable Charts from Google

Today is one of those days when I wish I was nerdier than I actually am. Google has released a new Google Charts API to help users embed pretty charts right into their Web pages. I was going to create a fun chart that shows how my level of awesomeness compares to Susan’s (it’s way bigger), but alas, I am unable to figure out the system. Maybe someone can do it for me and leave it in the comments!

Anyway, as Search Engine Journal nicely explained to me, the Google Chart API allows users to embed maps by returning a PNG format image for several different types of charts, including line graphs, pie charts, bar charts, Venn diagraphs, and something called a “scatter plot”. For a moment I wished I had paid more attention in Math class so that I would know what all of these things are, but then I remember that Math is useless.

Once you get the magic code string, you can paste it directly onto your page via a tag and, viola! A chart! Fun.

Fun Finds

YouTube opened up its YouTube Partners program to everyone, meaning people may actually make money off those awesome fence plowing videos!

Lee Odden was able to track down, kidnap and tie Adam Audette to a chair long enough to conduct an interview with him. I’m a big fan of Adam so it was great to put the name to the face and listen to him talk about search and LED. Kudos to Lee for making it happen!

Matt McGee provided some great PubCon and SES coverage despite the fact that he wasn’t actually there. Well done, McGee!

A quick journey through Flickr shows me that we were on all the same page in Vegas. Did you see that bathtub? Pure heaven! I woke up 20 min early every day just to enjoy it!

Also, Pat Sexton gave the best PubCon recap ever.

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One response to “Weekend Update: YouTube & Charts”

  1. Small Business Marketing writes:

    As time progresses and YouTube matures, the audience will broaden because more sellers will be placing their wares there and more buyers will go looking there. We have to keep monitoring it. Just remember because a lead is cold today does not mean I should throw it away. It might get warm tomorrow because of a change in the environment.
    Thanks for the post.

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