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November 20, 2006

Weekend Update 11/20/2006

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Yahoo!’s Newspaper Deal
The other big Yahoo story of the day reveals that Yahoo! has made a deal with 7 newspaper chains (representing 176 US newspapers and 12 million subscribers) to "share content, advertising and technology". If Yahoo! and the newspapers can leverage this correctly, Yahoo! gets content, a new distribution channel and a stronger foothold in the local market, while the newspapers benefit from Yahoo!’s traffic and increased advertising revenue. It’s win-win.

Also part of the deal, local newspapers will use Yahoo’s HotJobs site to post job listings, as well as advertise HotJob listings in their own classified sections. The partnership will make HotJobs the largest local and national jobs network around. (But seriously, who even knew HotJobs was still around? Is there anyone who doesn’t use Craigslist to find job listings?)

As many have already stated, it’s easy to make these deals, but it’s harder to actually leverage them. It’ll be interesting to see whose newspaper deal is more lucrative – Google’s pairing with a small number of high profile papers, or Yahoo!’s pairing with a large number of local papers.

Terry Semel Must Go

Eric Jackson penned an inspired letter to Yahoo!’s co-founders explaining why Terry Semel must go. Reasons include a loss in support from Wall Street and Yahoo employees, and the fact that he’s 64-years-old. Perhaps the first two reasons have more weight.

Eric also outlines solutions to some of the current problems facing Yahoo! and names who he thinks should Yahoo!’s next CEO — Susan Decker. It’s worth a read.

[Wait, Susan “It’s not our goal to be No. 1 in Internet search.” Decker? Well, that’s an…interesting choice. That would really be the ultimate choice if Yahoo! wanted to show that they were not interested in making search their core service.–the other Susan]

Gender Guesser

If you’re one of those who enjoyed Microsoft’s Ad Labs tools, you’re going to love the Gender Guesser tool spotted by WebMetricsGuru. The tool analyzes your content based on word usage and uses it to guess your gender.

Knowing the gender of your site’s wording can be helpful in ensuring that your content is targeting the right demographic. There’s no sense in applying the latest search engine optimization tactics if you’re going to create a misgendered site that will be off putting to your target audience. Personally, I haven’t had any luck into converting the BC blog into a female (despite all my best efforts). I entered in a few different BC blog posts, including a Friday Recap or two, and kept getting back that I’m a European male. Stupid gender guesser. [And you all laughed at the theory that Lisa was really Bruce. –Susan]

Win a shiny iPod from Andy!

This made me giggle just a little bit. Over at Marketing Pilgrim, Andy Beal is launching a please-subscribe-to-my-feed "contest" where readers can win a free iPod if they subscribe to the Marketing Pilgrim RSS feed. Better yet, the prize gets increasingly shinier the more people that participate. The contest starts with the offer of a free iPod shuffle, but the shuffle is upgraded to a Nano if 2,500+ readers subscribe, and upgraded again to a video iPod if 4,000+ users subscribe.

Can’t you just feel the shiny?

We applaud on Andy on this shameless method of enticing readers to subscribe to his RSS feed. In all seriousness though, you should be reading Marketing Pilgrim on a daily basis, so if you haven’t subscribed, go and do it. If not for the awesome search knowledge you’ll get, then because it might get you something new and shiny to sell on eBay. Ooo, shiny! [Dear Andy, consider making your Nano giveaway the red one. Not because it benefits charity, simply because it’s the best color.–Susan] A most excellent Nano optimization tip.

Fun Finds

Stuntdubl’s Top 11 Euphemisms for Cloaking.

Kathy Sierra reveals the real culprit responsible for her recent "unplanned acrobatic dismount" while riding. I’m a big fan of Kathy (as shown by my incessant, fan club-esque linking tendency), but honestly, while reading her post all I can think of is PONY!

Most fun quote of the day:

“Google by a lot of criteria is probably at the top of the list. They’re in this honeymoon phase of, Google can do anything at all times. If it was rumored they were doing pizza, you’d think it was going to be zero calories and free.” — Bill Gates

Mmm, free, zero calorie pizza? It’s a little slice of heaven right here on Earth. [Drat, there go my original plans for dinner. Yay, pizza!–Susan]

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