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April 21, 2006

Weekly Recap 04/21/2006

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It’s Friday so I know you’re all looking for some interesting stuff to read. Here is a fine sampling of stories for your reading pleasure…

Andy Beal discovered a new tool to determine who’s linking to your blog this week. WhoLinked’s backlink tool showcases a list of sites linking back to your blog. According to the tool’s site, in one glance ‘it convinces your visitors you’re serious’. I suppose the basic idea is that if you have trusted, expert sites linking to you, your site will gain instant credibility. I guess that’s true if, you know, you have credible visitors. Personally, I think this tool will serve to burst the bubble of many a blogger. Who wants to know the only person linking to your blog is Bob of Some truths are better left unknown.

In search news, an Arkansas judge has approved the $90 million click-fraud settlement between Google and its AdWords advertisers. According to Search Engine Watch, of the $90 million, $60 million will go to the advertisers for credits for future advertising on Google and $30 million will go to the lawyers. Overall, I’d say Google made out pretty nicely.

People are doing fun stuff with timelines today. The Blogoscope’s Phil Lessen put together a very neat visual Google timeline using pages in the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine tracing the engine from 1996 all the way through today. Yikes, check out that on-the-verge-of-cluttered 1998 Google logo. Phil’s visual timeline inspired Search Engine Journal’s Loren Baker to create one for Yahoo, which inspired me to look up some of the old Bruce Clay, Inc pages. Veeery interesting.

Blogs had another stellar week, finding their way into the news almost every day. On Sunday, The Boston Globe told readers that blogs are essential to a good career (causing Scoble to offer his response), while Technorati founder and CEO David Sifry released part one of his ‘State of The Blogosphere…” that claimed the blogosphere doubles every 6 months. Impressive! There were lots more blog related articles during the week (like this one), but our favorite blog-related news link came from Kim Krause who offered up some awesome blog usability links for her users. It’s good to see blogs getting the respect they deserve.

Oh, and tomorrow’s Earth Day. Try not to kill any trees.

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