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SEO Tutorial Finish Line!

Finish line checkered flags

You did it! If you've gone through the lessons — 18 steps in all — you've covered basic SEO training and made it to the SEO tutorial finish line. Congratulations!

There's one more thing you should know. You're really just at the starting line for your search engine optimization. The truth is, SEO never ends. If you're an Internet marketer, you have no choice but to commit to a long-term race.

SEO Is Never "Done"

Here are a few reasons why SEO, like business itself, is never really done:

  • Rankings fluctuate.
  • Competitors get better.
  • New sites enter the competition.
  • Keywords change over time.
  • Your business goals evolve.
  • Products and services change.
  • Your website gets updated and new content added.
  • People's needs on your website shift over time and vary by device.
  • Search engine algorithms continually change. (This one's last but not least!)

In fact, the whole cycle you've learned in this tutorial, beginning with keyword research and optimizing page content all the way through monitoring your SEO progress, needs to be repeated over and over again. And since we will be updating and enhancing the tutorial information to keep it current, feel free to repeat this SEO tutorial as often as you like, using it as a personal SEO guide.

Your Next Steps

Internet marketing takes perseverance, patience, and ongoing learning. This industry constantly evolves, and there's always more to learn! While you don't want to react in knee-jerk fashion to any Google announcement, it is important to stay up on search-industry news and understand how it applies to you. Since you don't have time to make SEO your full-time job, we have a few ways to help you stay informed and move forward with confidence.

Stay Current — Free SEO Resources

  1. Subscribe to our SEO Newsletter: You'll receive a monthly email keeping you updated on important industry news and events, with a Back to Basics article, Hot Topic discussion, and more.
  2. Read our blog: We aim to educate and inform you about many Internet marketing subjects, including SEO, PPC, content marketing, web design, analytics and more.
  3. Follow us on social media: Connect with Bruce and our content & media team on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or Facebook and get a continual stream of original, valuable content. (Please do! We'd love to talk with you.)

Want More Help? Here Are Some Options

SEO training course

SEO training in a live, classroom setting lets you ask questions face-to-face.

SEO Training: Our SEOToolSet® Training Course has helped more than 4,000 attendees since Bruce Clay began teaching SEO in 1999. Go beyond basic SEO training with the 3-day Standard or 5-day Advanced class, which are offered several times a year near our headquarters in sunny Southern California. Meet Bruce in person, get a free year's subscription to our SEOToolSet®, and learn how to apply SEO to your website. (See training dates and details.)

On-Site Training: We can provide a customized SEO training course for 20 or more of your staff at your location. Call us at 1-866-517-1900 to discuss your needs.

SEO Assessment: Many of our clients want to do the work themselves, but need an SEO roadmap and expert guidance. Our SEO Assessment Service involves analyzing your site and then building a hefty document that explains your specific SEO needs, with prioritized task lists.

Google Penalty Assessment: Think you're suffering from a Google penalty? We offer SEO Penalty Assessments that identify the problems and give you a recovery roadmap. We can lay out the steps you'll need to take, and optionally help with link-pruning or other recovery services, as well.

SEO Services: Our expert-level SEO Services can get your Internet marketing off the ground or put the finishing touches on a well-worked website. We work together with our clients, whether small or large, to help their search engine optimization succeed.

Have other requests? Go ahead, call us at (866) 517-1900

Thank You

We hope you and your website have benefited from the basic training provided in this SEO tutorial. Since there is much more to know, please use the resources and options listed above — and keep learning. All of us at Bruce Clay, Inc. appreciate your time and wish you much success with your Internet marketing!

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