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The Value of Manual Submission

It is important to submit your pages manually to ensure you achieve the desired search engine rankings and to avoid any penalties for over-submissions, which can happen when using some of the auto-submission software tools. Manual submission is effective and inexpensive when you limit your hand submissions to the three major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN Search). But beyond those few sites, the return on investment diminishes due to the time requirements; thus, it is advisable to use an automated tool.

Before we talk about submitting URLs to search engines, a quick review of the prior search engine optimization steps is in order. It is recommended that you complete the steps below before submitting your pages to the search engines.

  • Site review
  • Competitive SEO analysis
  • Link tracking
  • Identification and analysis keyword phrases
  • Addition of keywords to content through SEO copywriting
  • Placement of identical keywords in page content, META title, description, ALT and Keywords Tags

Submitting Pages to Major Search Engines

After performing the above tasks, you are ready to submit your pages to the major search engines. You can use our URL ADD page page with links to the add pages for the major search engines when submitting to the top few.

Sometimes search engines discard submissions without processing. Thus, you need to resubmit until all your pages are processed. But you can't resubmit blindly. Check to see which pages are indexed and resubmit only those not listed in the search engine database. Some indexes give preference to “fresh submissions,” determined by the date of your last update and your last submission date. Therefore, it is wise to update your site often, adhering to prescribed natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. Resubmit at least twice per month (but not more often) until you are listed in each index.

How Long Does It Take to Get Indexed?

You should allow two to four weeks for each search engine submission to be indexed in each of the major search engines and directories (Google, Yahoo!, MSN Search,). If you do not show up in an index (which is a common occurrence), then resubmit, following our guidelines. If you are indexed but unhappy with your search engine ranking, then go back and review your keyword usage, increasing or decreasing frequency until you achieve the desired SEO ranking results.

Note that being indexed and being well ranked are two different things. It takes much longer to be well ranked in the organic listings, taking months to years.

Getting Listed in Yahoo!

When suggesting your site to the Yahoo! Directory, register regionally rather than nationally; you'll get registered sooner and Yahoo! will add you everywhere as well. Familiarize yourself with Yahoo!'s guidelines on How to Suggest a Site.

You can use Paid Inclusion to get listed quickly in the Yahoo! Directory. Yahoo! Directory Submit provides an expedited review of your site for a fee. This is recommended for all commercial sites because of the time it takes to get listed in Yahoo! by suggesting a site.

Yahoo! claims to reach over 330 million unique users each month on a local and global level. These are all potential customers for your business that you'll want to reach ASAP rather than experience the normal submission lead-time, especially if you have a new website. Yahoo! Directory Submit promises a review in seven business days. Your listing request is reviewed, and the Yahoo! editorial team responds promptly for a review fee of $299 per year and a recurring annual fee to maintain the listing. Once listed, you can manage your account online, making changes, upgrading your listing or submitting additional sites.

Promoting and Maintaining Your Listings

When you are satisfied with your SEO ranking, you can further promote your site in all of the search engines and directories by going to our announce area.

For Placement Services to maintain your site and expand your search engine coverage, go to the tutorial on our Search Engine Placement Services page.

For frequent placement validation, please visit our Free Tools Page (click on Visitor). You can BOOKMARK this page now, and we encourage you to visit often.

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