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SEO Local Geo-centric Program

SEO Local Geo is a 6-month minimum search engine optimization (SEO) program specifically for small businesses with a clientele that exists within the region matching their physical location. "Las Vegas Hotels" is not designed for people already living in Las Vegas, while "Your City Dentists" is looking for a local office. The Entry Program created by Bruce Clay, Inc., a recognized, experienced and trusted provider of SEO services, enables small businesses to quickly earn search engine result rankings for their web sites.

We will provide up to four hours of Services per month to:

  1. Keyword Research and Analysis - we will research, analyze, and recommend a list of targeted keyword phrases to be used in the promotion of the web pages. You shall select final targeted keywords from this list. These Keywords shall be based upon permutations and combinations of six (6) generic words or phrases always in combination with the company name, up to four city or metropolitan area names, and your name if branded and appropriate, for a total of up to thirty-six unique keyword phrases.
  2. Research, Analysis and Page Editing - we will perform comprehensive edits for the home page plus up to thirty-six additional sub-pages as appropriate distributed over the first four months of the project. In most instances the initial edit begins in month 1 of the project and may take a while to conclude. Since search engine optimization is an iterative process, we may need to periodically re-edit these pages. These re-edits will often involve adding visible content to various pages consistent with the current design.
  3. Search Engine Submission - we will utilize Google Webmaster Tools to validate site spidering and optimized page inclusion in the search index. Search Engine friendly XML Sitemaps will be used.
  4. Search Engine Ranking Monitoring - Throughout this project we will monitor the ranking of the domain and specified web pages for the keywords. Via the SEOToolSet®, we will provide online access to proprietary Ranking Reports (Domain Ranking Report, Ranking Report by Page Name, and Ranking Report by Keyword) at least monthly showing the ranking of the Client web site in the monitored Search Engines and directories. Rankings will show where the top ranked page from the Client site(s) appear in the top 30 positions for the selected search engines for the Keywords.
  5. Links will be reviewed, both internal and external, to determine weaknesses, and where appropriate a link strategy will be implemented to obtain incremental inbound links and to structure internal links. The LinkMapsT product will be used to facilitate the spidering of inbound links.

Fees are $995 per month.