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PPC Toolset

We understand the business cost and the intricacies of managing a PPC account and offer our Professional Pay Per Click Management Services to help you manage these accounts.

Our service is based upon the high-end PPC Management services customized to our specifications and supported by our trained SEM Analysts and utilizing GoToast PPC Management Systems [trained by GoToast University].

Save Time, Labor and Get Better PPC Performance

Our Professional PPC Management Services includes:

  • Manual monitoring of your PPC search term bids
  • Support for Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing Pay Per Click Programs
  • Price gap elimination between you and your competition (don't overpay when it's not necessary)
  • Minimum and maximum keyword cost PPC bid management

Our Professional PPC Management Process

Leveraging our SEO Process, we've developed a similar methodology to optimize the value that you get from your PPC accounts. Our methodology is a 4-Step process of: 1) Discovery, 2) Design, 3) Development, and 4) Deployment.

  1. Discovery - Define your business goals such as Cost Per Click or Cost Per Sale and establish these rules for each PPC account and campaign. Review and analyze your current keywords and perform extensive market and competitive research for other keyword opportunities. Review and analyze Titles, Descriptions, and Landing Pages for each keyword.
  2. Design - Establish a test plan to optimize Keywords, Titles, and Descriptions. Create a bid strategy and tactical business rules based upon defined business goals.
  3. Development - Write all new Titles and Descriptions for each keyword. Leverage "Ambassador-level" status with PPC Accounts to expedite keyword submission and editorial review.
  4. Deployment - Launch Automatic Monitoring Service employing established business rules. Measure results, apply learnings, and continue to optimize Keywords, Titles, and Descriptions. Keep you abreast of your Pay Per Click accounts with convenient Detailed HTML Email Status Updates.

Periodic Account Review

Our Professional PPC Management service also includes periodic account review conference calls to ensure our service is working for you. On these conference calls we will analyze the results and discuss steps for bidding techniques.

FEE: $14 per keyword per month (even if your spend is thousands of dollars) with a $1750 per month minimum. You pay the PPC fees (i.e. Google and Yahoo!) in addition to our monthly PPC management fee. Our fees are assessed on a monthly basis only.

Most Pay Per Click Management applications are software programs that you need to download to your computer, install, and update manually. Typically you need to purchase one software program for Yahoo! Search Marketing and another software program for other PPC accounts. We've seen pricing for as low $80 for 50 keywords. If you only have 50 keywords, these programs might be of good value. But you still have to manage the account and that means spending your time and labor.

However, if you have 200+ keywords you are probably a good candidate for professional PPC management.

Interested in PPC Search Engine Marketing Services? - Call 866-517-1900 and ask for Sales.

Or, simply click here and complete the inquiry form. After reviewing the information we will contact you to discuss this service in more detail.

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