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SEO Web Design Rates

Launching a new web site offers a unique opportunity to design a site that is accessible for both search engines and users. Too often sites are designed without thought to basic search engine optimization elements and then require a great deal of time, effort and money to solve their inherent flaws. We can help you design a site from the ground up so you do not have to fix it or redesign it after it launches.

All SEO design incorporates search engine optimization philosophy throughout the build. Site architecture, navigation, content and internal linking are developed using best practice methodology.

Fees are charged on a per page basis starting from $800 a page.

As each industry and project requires special consideration, there is no hard and fast rule for pricing and projects will vary based on the needs of the client.

If you already have a site, but want to redesign it, our fees start at $800 per page.

For an SEO Design evaluation of your proposed website build, pricing begins at a one time fee of $15,000.

SEO Design Assessment Services

From time to time, we are approached to help a client, along with their design firm, design and develop a site so that it can get well ranked. In short, these clients do not want to launch a brand new site and then spend months fixing it after it launches. Unfortunately, this happens way too often.

While web designers and developers are excellent at information architecture, web design, and of course programming, most are not formally trained or have expertise in SEO. As a result, too many sites have launched only to require several months of rework prior to beginning the actual SEO process. In these situations, clients hire their web design firm and we serve to critique the new design and development from a search engine optimization perspective. Similar to consulting projects, these projects are priced as a time and materials type of project, with most projects starting at a one time fee of: $15,000.