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Internet Marketing Service Rates

Bruce Clay India is a professional Internet marketing services and consulting firm that specializes in helping companies build their business on the Internet and promote their products and services in the major search engines. Whether you are a small business proprietor or a Chief Executive Officer for a large multi-national corporation, we can help.

We are Internet business consultants that offer a plethora of Internet and search engine marketing services and thereby an equally wide range of pricing and service fees. 

This page provides an overview of our internet marketing rates and links to learn more about each major service and more information about the cost of those services. We encourage you to read those service sections. When you are ready, complete the quote/proposal request form. Of course, if you have questions, please contact us at (91) 124-4143291 or  (91) 124-4143292.

In either instance it is important to note that a written services quote or proposal usually takes several days, especially for large or highly competitive search engine marketing projects.


Search Engine Optimization Cost & Service Rates

Bruce Clay™ has been offering search engine optimization (SEO) services at an affordable cost since being founded in 1996. As a result, we offer many types of SEO services all rooted in search engine optimization but helping our clients in different ways based upon their specific needs.

Our services are designed to cover all levels of SEO, from the novice without much SEO experience to the most senior SEO practitioner. At the lowest level is our book, designed as a SEO beginners guide and desktop reference, followed by a series of powerful SEO tools ideal for the do-it-yourself SEO, followed by several face-to-face SEO training classes (including some taught in conjunction with the leading search conferences - SES and SMX), then involving hours-based services allowing prices starting from INR 20,000 per month. 

At present, we offer the following types of search engine optimization services (or products):

Do-it-yourself Products

  1. Search Engine Optimization Book - we are pleased to be the selected authors for a 746 page comprehensive beginners guide to SEO offered as part of the Wiley Brothers puclication series Search Engine Optimization All-in-One for Dummies book Fees start at $25-ish and are available through Amazon, Borders and Barnes and Noble (and others) worldwide and online.
  2. SEO Tools - we offer a fantastic set of power tools known as the SEOToolSet ® that covers keyword research, page edits, ranking reports, competitor reports, server validation and more. These products are only available on a subscription basis. These products run from our servers and thus do not fall prey to access limitations common to other desktop systems. There is a 30-day refund trial-period readily available. The subscription fees range from $90 to $145 per 3 month period per domain.
  3. SEO Training Services - we offer an acclaimed SEO course, with a ton of praise and worldwide clients. The contents is geared for beginner and advanced SEO, for marketing and web designers, and for business managers needing to know the where, when, why and how of SEO. Course fees are a 3-day Standard Course at INR 50,000 per student.
  4. SEMToolBar - we have a FREE toolbar for annotating Google, Yahoo and MSN results. It supports 22 languages, and certainly is designed to provide Marketing information not generally available. Even if you have a toolbar installed, install ours and configure it to not take much space on the page and it will still annotate results. There is no reason not to have it.
  5. SEM Synergy - we are the hosts of the radio show SEM Synergy, aired Wednesdays at noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern. Downloads available for your ipods as well, so listen often.
  6. SEOToolSet Newsletter - FREE newsletter, published monthly, and with years of archives and tons of information. For tens of thousands this is required reading. The SEO Newsletter subscription only takes an email address and you can always opt out.

Full Service Programs

  1. Local Geo-targeted Small Account Services - we will optimize a small project with geo-targeted keywords (commonly company name, city name, and owner name) combined with up to six keywords where the primary business focus is within that geographic zone. This easily accomplishes the SEO needs of a local small business within a few months. Fees are INR 10,000 to 30,000 per month with only a six month minimum. Local SEO Services...
  2. SEO Site Assessment Services - we critique the site from an SEO perspective and then provide a highly detailed and entirely custom report on how to improve the site to achieve your ranking goals. Appropriate for large scale sites that have an internal SEO staff. We also offer Design Reviews. Fees range from INR 1,00,000 for normal sites to INR 5,00,000 for very large complex sites.
    SEO Site Assessment Services...
  3. SEO Consulting Services - with consulting-based search engine optimization services we work with clients and others by guiding them through how to optimize their site. In essence, this is a knowledge transfer project and empowering clients is a critical part of this project. These programs are targeting a more mature SEO need, include the training course, and are larger than local site projects. Fees start at INR 20,000 a month. SEO Consulting Services...
  4. Professional SEO Services - our primary SEO service where clients hire us to optimize their Web site with little editing assistance from the client. There is much less knowledge transfer and much more "we do it" in this project. Fees start at INR 10,000 per month per Silo. SEO Pro Services...

Although some search engine optimization services have a one-time cost, please note that most service fees are payable monthly or quarterly. To some - paying thousands or more per month for professional SEO services appears on the surface too expensive. It turns out that our professional SEO marketing services fees tend to average between INR100 and INR 500 per day per keyword, which for most clients is quite attractive when compared to pay per click advertising rates.

Nonetheless, we understand that some businesses cannot readily budget that level of service. In such cases, the business should consider SEO Tools, SEO Training or the Jump Start program.

Learn more about our Search Engine Optimization SEO Methodology, SEO Services, and specific SEO Rates and Pricing, or request a no obligation price quote.


Pay Per Click (PPC) Rates & Services

We believe that you should have an optimized PPC program to provide for targeted traffic at a high value. Our programs will tailor the ads, the positions, the cost, and the impact of each ad managed to your budgetary limits. We cannot guarantee results, but we commonly derease costs or increase traffic, often both.

The minimum monthly fee for this search engine marketing service is INR 30,000 per month regardless of keyword count and distribution. The actual fees are based upon high- or low-volume keyword distribution counts. The keyword counts may increase with Client approval, and billing shall be adjusted accordingly.

Learn more about our PPC Methodology, PPC Services, and specific PPC Rates, or request a no obligation price quote.


Web Analytics Rates & Services

We believe that every Internet marketing service should involve an implemented Analytics Program. Our Analytics Program allows us to improve tracking and produce comprehensive reports to better manage your projects. Our largest issue is that with a high-traffic web site that involves SEO, PPC and Branding programs that we should extend the Return on Investment (ROI) analysis so that we can target effectively on keywords and themes that generate desired results.

We recommend that we install, configure and implement the Omniture SiteCatalyst™ and SearchCenter® products for both site analytics and PPC management.

  • Your site analytics (traffic reporting) will be handled by SiteCatalyst™ as an ongoing service is based upon total page loads at the fee of $96 per 100,000 tracked page loads per month (rounded up to the nearest 100,00 page loads), as well as a reports configuration fee.
  • The SearchCenter® product used to manage all of your PPC bids has a cost of three percent (3%) of spend across the managed search engines' PPC accounts. Our monthly fees include tracking, reporting, and consulting services integrated into our other Internet marketing services.

Learn more about our Web Analytics Methodology, Web Analytics Services, and specific Web Analytics Rates, or request a no obligation price quote.


SEO Web Design Rates & Services

SEO Design Assessment - we can help you design a site from the ground up so you do not have to fix it or redesign it after it launches. Pricing starts at INR 15,000.

For an exact estimate of cost, please request a price quote.

Learn more about Web Design Methodology, Web Design Services, Web Design Tools, and specific Web Design Rates, or request a no obligation price quote.


Online Branding Rates & Services

At the end of the day, your website is contributing to your brand through customer acquisition and retention. As a result we believe that most business should also consider other services to build or enhance their brand including but not limited to sponsorships, banner advertising, public relations, event marketing, and more.

Learn more about Branding Methodology, Branding Services, and specific Branding Rates, or request a no obligation price quote.