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Regional (Geo-Targeted) Search Engine Optimization Services

Our services are tailored to the audience reach of the client. For instance, it is sometimes right to offer large clients a combination of multi-national or national site Search Engine Optimization and on-site training. Likewise, many of the clients we serve are regional, with very specific geo-targeted needs where a finely focused project (also a less expensive project) is the appropriate solution. We offer something for everybody as long as the project makes sense.

How we estimate has little to do with "sites", it has more to do with "units of work". We estimate "units of work" based upon the number of pages, keywords, and competition, then estimate the hours to perform the work, then offer a fixed bid for that work. However, we can and do offer a price break for long-term projects on large sites.

We will NOT spam the search engines, and we ABSOLUTELY adhere to the guidelines specified by the major search engines concerning allowable Search Engine Optimization practices.

At a regional level we offer a reduced-fee program that covers five pages from the client site. The client will provide a geographic area (region) name [usually a city], their company name, with nine generic keywords to be used only in combination with the region and company name, their domain name, and the site owner name for a total of about twenty keywords. The generic keywords are NEVER optimized alone - they are only used in combination with region or company (i.e., "las vegas" and "hotels" will ONLY result in "las vegas hotels" as a keyword, never "hotels" by itself). We will optimize the client site with these keywords in a manner that allows combinations of these words to be located in the search engines. We will also submit the site to regional directories (some may involve additional fees such as Yahoo!) and seek free links from other sites within the region. Note that if you want generic keyword Search Engine Optimization then your project is not regional and you should review "National" pricing and services.


Pricing is fixed at $795 per month for a minimum term of 12 months, with a one-time setup fee of $200 plus first and last month payment due at time of signing.