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Pay Per Click (PPC) Optimization Services Program

Our Full-Service PPC Management Service is an ongoing program for 130, or more, high-volume keywords. It is billed at a flat rate of $15 per high-volume keyword per month per search engine program and $2 per month for low-volume keywords per search engine program with a minimum of a 6 month commitment. High-volume keywords are managed daily, as well as optimized through ad copy and pay per click bid optimization. Low-volume keywords are commonly inexpensive and the bids are stable allowing us to "sanity check" and manage these keywords once per week. We also have an option for managing keywords that become important at any time (24x7) with a rapid response option. These PPC management services include the creation and optimization of ads, management of your daily spend, analysis of Analytics data, and monthly reporting.

Our PPC services are focused on Sponsored or Content Match Advertising as offered by Google and others. Our pay per click management services also include Omniture SearchCenter® automated keyword bidding and account management interface.


Omniture SearchCenter


As an Omniture SearchCenter® agent we can optionally implement and manage your Omniture program for a fee of 3% of spend. Our Omniture services will help you maximize the benefit of your PPC search engine marketing and organic search engine optimization campaigns.


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As part of each PPC advertisement management service program, we perform a great number of tasks. Specifically these tasks include:

  1. Keyword Research and Selection: Whether you have an existing pay per click internet advertising campaign or not, we perform keyword research as a best practice to ensure the campaigns are employing the appropriate keywords.

  2. Creative Development: Our pay per click management includes custom and unique creative writing (titles and descriptions) to help maximize clickthru and conversion rates.

  3. Landing Page Identification: We identify the best existing destination or recommend improvements to facilitate site level conversion.

  4. Implement Campaign Tracking: We will work with your staff to implement tracking codes to aid in tracking conversions from your pay per click marketing campaign.

  5. Advertisement Submission: We will upload and submit the keywords and associated creative for approval by the search engines' sponsored search programs.

  6. PPC Account Settings: We will establish and monitor the numerous Account Settings (daily max spend, match type, countries, etc.) to maximize business goals.

  7. PPC Bid Management: We provide PPC management tasks including bid gap monitoring, bid price changes and bid position maintenance.

  8. PPC Monthly Analysis: We perform a month-end analysis of campaign performance, including individual keyword costs, conversions, and performance trends. We develop a written document and then hold a conference call to discuss previous month activities and next steps.

  9. Campaign Improvements: We will suggest and implement pay per click internet advertising campaign improvement, including changes to title/description copy, keyword list modifications, and bid adjustments.

  10. Creative Testing: We will perform periodic testing of new creative (titles and descriptions).

  11. SEO Ranking Report: We will provide a monthly review and analysis of an search engine optimization ranking report to determine where the site is ranked organically for keywords used in PPC Accounts.

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In addition to providing these specific PPC tasks, we will commit to protecting privacy and confidentiality by written contract. As applicable, we will also adhere to the code of ethics and code of conduct we created for search engine optimization.

If your company is interested in pay per click management services, please complete the PPC proposal request form or contact us toll-free at (866) 517-1900 or via a toll call to (805) 517-1900.