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  1. 検索エンジン最適化(SEO)書籍 - 当社のブルース・クレイとスーザン・エスパルザの共著「Search Engine Optimization All-in-One for Dummies / 初心者向け 検索エンジン最適化オールインワン」(※英語版のみ)。746ページに渡る初心者向けのSEOのガイドブックです。
  2. SEOツール - キーワードリサーチ、ページ編集、ランキングレポート、競合レポート、サーバーチェックなどの機能を実装したパワフルなSEOツール「SEOToolSet ® 」を提供しています(※現在日本語版の提供はございません)。利用は有料となります。インストール型のツールではなくASP型なので、検索アクセスの制限を超えシャットダウンすることはありません。30日間無料トライアルが可能なので是非お試しください。
  3. SEOトレーニングサービス - we offer an acclaimed SEO course, with a ton of praise and worldwide clients. The contents is geared for beginner and advanced SEO, for marketing and web designers, and for business managers needing to know the where, when, why and how of SEO.
  4. SEMシナジー - we are the hosts of the radio show SEM Synergy, aired Thursdays at noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern. Downloads available for your ipods as well, so listen often.
  5. SEOニュースレター - FREE newsletter, published monthly, and with years of archives and tons of information. For tens of thousands this is required reading. The SEO Newsletter subscription only takes an email address and you can always opt out.



Our SEO Site Assessment Report is designed to give clients an in-depth critique of their site, identifying areas where improvements can and must be made. The Site Assessment enables clients to quickly learn what the search engines consider important when ranking websites and where organic search engine optimization improvements are needed. This report takes approximately seven weeks to research, write, and produce. Need more information on SEO Site Assessments?


Our SEO Consulting Programs are specifically designed for companies with an internal marketing and webmaster staff who would like some external expertise and guidance. Bruce Clay, Inc. will work with you in a co-operative fashion to provide your company with all the knowledge it needs to create and maintain a search-engine rewarded site. We tailor your Consulting program for search engine optimization services based upon your in-house capabilities and intent, and the complexity of your site and your competition. Need more information on SEO Consulting Services?


Our Professional SEO Services program is our comprehensive turn-key full-service program. This is the program where we do the bulk of the heavy lifting on the SEO optimization project right down to page edits and link management. Our Professional Search Engine Ranking Services program includes the following:

  • Discovery Interview
  • Site Review
  • Initial SEO Assessment Brief
  • Strategic Link Analysis Report
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Editing of defined Landing Pages and selected Sub-Pages
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Link Assessment and Management
  • Monitoring of Search Engine Rankings
  • Competition Search Engine Ranking Reports
  • SeoToolSet™ Training Services
  • Project Communications and Status