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A Solution for SEOs – the SEOToolSetTM

Search Engine Optimization Tools: SEOToolSet

It takes more than just brains to be a good SEO.

It takes more than experience. More than know-how. More than a ​shelf ​packed with books.

Digital market​ers today need to analyze boatloads of data to extract answers, the right answers, without getting lost in unimportant detail.

More than ever, SEO takes tools.

We built the SEOToolSetTM to provide exactly the data we need as we manage our clients' website projects. Now in its 6th generation, this suite of search engine optimization power tools is truly SEO software built by SEOs, for SEOs. We develop and support these SEO tools in-house because our team knows first-hand what an SEO needs, and doesn't need, to do the job.

Looking for free SEO tools? ​You can try sample versions of many of our featured tools.

Search engine optimization tools should dive deep into SEO-specific data.

Some tools on the market try to cover too much, everything from your social metrics to your calorie intake​! ​But we concentrate on putting together tools and reports that can move the needle for ​a website.

Keep reading to find out about the many tools and reports in SEOToolSet. Better yet, why not try them yourself with your own website? You'll prove how well these tools focus on search engine optimization and give data-hungry SEOs like us just what they need.

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Surprise! Your Subscription Is Affordable

Many marketing platforms require ​year-long commitments and high monthly fees.

Ours is different.

To share our tools with other professional SEOs and website owners, ​we keep the pricing simple. There's just one subscription level ... just one low monthly fee ... and no commitment.

After all, we're getting the primary benefit of our tools by providing our consulting clients with great results and awesome reports. Any tool subscriptions we sell (after covering the cost of extra server bandwidth, storage, API usage, support, etc.) ​are just gravy.

Subscribing to the SEOToolSet is $24.95/month per project. There's no commitment, so you can cancel any time. If you cancel within the first 30 days, you get your money back. ​And you can have an unlimited number of users.

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SEOToolSet — Full Suite of Advanced SEO Tools

single page analyzer

The Single Page Analyzer includes a keyword map to let you visualize the most-used words on a page and how they relate to each other.
Click to enlarge image.

From the fastest Ranking Monitor available, to reports that can be exported to a spreadsheet or printed to a full-color PDF, the SEOToolSet has some game-changing tools.

single page analyzer content score

A page's Content Score is calculated based on readability and SEO best practices to help identify Panda triggers and prioritize on-page optimization.
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If you're an SEO, you've got to try the same professional tools the analysts at Bruce Clay, Inc. use daily to serve SEO clients. Take advantage of ranking tools, historical analysis, competitor reports, backlink analysis and many more tools.

Everything is on a pay-as-you-go basis and billed monthly, so you're never locked in.

Subscribe to SEOToolSet and get ​ALL this:

  • 1 website project
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Single Page Analyzer (our most popular tool!)
  • Unlimited additional website projects (add at any time for $24.95/month ​each​, then access with the same login)
  • Site spidering to 5 clicks deep
  • Link Graph of internal linking structure
  • Meta Details report
  • Site Checker tool
  • Crawl Errors report
  • Multi Page Analyzer tool
  • Keyword Suggestion tool for research and traffic
  • Ranking Monitor
  • Reports based on the Ranking Monitor — showing competitors, keyword trending, on-page analysis, domain ranking reports by page or by keyword
  • Data tables that can be sorted, paginated, exported
  • Reports available to export as CSV files or ​print as presentation-quality PDFs
  • Link reports integrated with Majestic (using your Majestic subscription or an additional monthly fee)
  • Support provided via toll-free phone or email
  • Cancel any time

Get the SEOToolSet
Try SEOToolSet risk-free with our 30-day full-refund policy!

If you want to promote your own website, give our SEO tools a try! If you sign up and decide you don't need all that data, you can cancel within the first month and ​get a full refund of your subscription fee. After that, you can cancel at any time.

​See what the SEOToolSet can do for your website!

Search engine optimization without the best tools
is like doing brain surgery with a hammer.

–Bruce Clay