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Website Analytics Rates

Our website analytics services are comprised of three pricing components:

  1. One-time Setup fee
  2. Analytics Data Collection and Report Generation
  3. Consulting Services

One-Time Setup Fee

We charge a one-time setup fee to establish data collection and setup the reports. This includes, but is not limited to, working with your staff to identify what you want to track, installing the tracking technology, configuring the analytics product to accept the data and building the reports. Depending on what you want to track and how many web pages you have, this aspect of web analytics usually takes several days to a week or more.

Our one-time setup fee starts at $195.

Analytics Data Collection and Report Generation

Leveraging IBM's superior hardware and software technologies, data regarding every visitor to your site will be collected, stored and protected on IBM servers. As a result, you can rest assured knowing your data is safe-guarded and backed up with a redundant infrastructure.

Recurring weekly or monthly reports can be automatically generated and emailed to a predefined distribution list. These reports come in addition to the ranking reports that are integrated into the SEOToolSet®.

We charge a fee for each tracked web page. Therefore, the more pages we track, the more data that is collected and stored, the higher the fee.

Analytics data collection and report generation starts at $295 per month.

Consulting Services

If you need additional help with analytics we can help you set up additional reports, learn how to improve the site to increase site level conversion and much more.

Our consulting fees are priced on a time and materials basis and vary depending on the specific nature of the work.

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