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Sorting Out Redirects

Why Search Engine Optimization

THE USUAL: Coverage of this month’s
hot topics, shuffles, shindigs, attaboys and word on the wire.

BACK TO BASICS: Why Search Engine Optimization

Just about one month ago, I wrote an entry on our SEOToolSet blog regarding search engine optimization as an ongoing process. Inspired by many a forum thread with a Chicken Little attitude, I wanted to address what I think is a common misconception about SEO. For this month's Back to Basics column, I decided to revisit that ground because it is worth saying more than once.

Hot Topics

Personalization gets serious
FEATURE: Sorting Out Redirects
There are several different types of redirects available to webmasters. All have different functions and some are more search engine friendly than others. The purpose of this article is to define and explain four common redirects: 301, 302, JavaScript and meta refresh. We will close with a look at the proper implementation of a 301 redirect.

All three major engines released a new service aimed at increased personalization of results or announced plans to do so.

  • Google released My Search History to make it easier to find results again. The service requires a login. Gmail, Groups or Answers logins will work.
  • Yahoo released their own version called My Web for use with their toolbar as well as updating their news service.
  • MSN announced plans to release their own contender soon.
Advertising via Search Engines
  • Overture is officially Yahoo! Search Marketing. Several services have undergone similar renaming.
  • Google announced they would begin to support advertiser selected ads on their publishing network on a CPM basis. New ad styles and formats including a wide skyscraper banner and animated banners will also be accepted. The Adword page has been updated to reflect these changes.
  • Ask Jeeves CEO announced they would be reducing sponsored results on their results pages by 31%, citing a better user experience and increased customer loyalty as the trade off.


Wikimedia picked up support from Yahoo! Previously Google had offered the Wikipedia parent company their support.

Also in Yahoo! news, Yahoo! News appeared in beta then came out of beta all in about two weeks. And that's only a tiny fraction of the shake ups in the Yahoo-verse this month.

Also this month, Google is now a Media Company.


SES headed to Munich in April and will be Toronto May 4-5. As always, Search Engine Watch forums will have coverage.

AdTech rolled through San Francisco at the end of this month.


Happy Birthday to Ask Jeeves. Jeeves turned eight last month. For some reason, the official blog post came a day late but maybe Jeeves was just too busy to celebrate on time.

First quarter earnings were announced this month and the search engines all have reasons to smile.

  • Yahoo lead off the reports with earnings that doubled from last year.
  • Google beat expectations with earnings six times higher than a year previous.
  • Ask Jeeves wrapped up the month with a reported net income of $ 18.1 million.
Word on the Wire

What did TiVO chat about with Google and Yahoo? Both search engine have recently entered the video market, is TV next?

Silicon Valley Watcher reported seeing a strange new browser viewing their website. Could this be the long rumored Google browser out for a test drive or is it a false positive?

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