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Search Engines Who Search

When to Use Meta Tags

THE USUAL: Coverage of this month’s
hot topics, shuffles, shindigs, attaboys and word on the wire.

FEATURE: Search Engines Who Search
Recent months have brought in new projects from the four major search engines. But while two follow a pre-worn path, two engines are taking an old idea and making it new.

BACK TO BASICS: When to Use Meta Tags

There are several tags within the head section of a page that contribute to the indexing of your page by the search engines. If they are done correctly and without spamming, they can be very helpful to the ranking of your pages. These tags can help contribute to the total density of keywords used in your pages; they can contribute to what is displayed as a description for your pages in the search engine results and ultimately, they can aid in helping your site's rankings. These tags are the Title tag, the Meta Description, and the Meta Keyword tag.

Hot Topics

Advertising Dollars in Use

The Search Engines are Spending their Advertising Dollars, but to what end?

  • Saul Hansell reports that AOL will have to pay Yahoo and Google tens of millions of dollars in order to divert and steal their traffic.
  • Andy Beal discusses the fact that search engines are still not doing enough to identify paid-for search results.
  • Michael Nyugen reports on the consumer bias against paid listings.

What has Google done now?

In the headlines this month, it seems not everyone is happy with Google:
  • Stephanie Rosenbloom writes about the inability to delete information from the web, specifically photos she would rather not be remembered by.
  • Gary Price writes about the German attempt to digitize books and the issues they are experiencing with Google's digitization library.
  • Jason Calacanis wants twenty publishers to blackmail Google.


Former Google VP Wayne Rosing has taken up a new life as an astronomer. Altavista founder and eBay VP, Louis Monier joins Google. All it took was a single email to Larry Page.

eBay Goes went shopping this month acquiring There's no word on whether they used the buy it now option.

Just days after eBay announced their purchase, Scripps announced they were buying Shopzilla (formerly BizRate).

Yahoo! went on a buying spree this month purchasing Dialpad--a VOIP company--and, a blog provider.


Search Marketers' Association, the new trade association for UK search marketers, held their first meeting this month. SMA-UK intends to present an alternative to SEMPO.

Webmaster World let the good times roll in New Orleans. Coverage by SERoundtable included sessions by Bruce Clay.


Search Engine Watch forums celebrated their one year anniversary this month and welcomed their 5,000th member!

Google has had a good month. Not only did they get named the top media company but they also saw their stock price rise above $300. Additionally, they released the wonderful Sitemaps tool to the delight of SEOs everywhere.

Finally we go over to Yahoo who this month have done good works: releasing their employee blogging guidelines, buying servers for Wikimedia and teaming with Cisco on anti-forgery tech.

Word on the Wire

There have been quite a few rumors stirring in the Google world this month. Among them include the introduction of Google Wallet , Google's own form of a paypal service, although they claim that they will not be in competition with paypal or eBay.

Kuro5hin made an attempt to predict which companies Google will acquire next. They present a list of potential companies which would make sensible Google acquisitions, comparing them to recent Google additions.

Finally, Google is the subject of more industry rumor concerning a possible introduction of maps in 3-D, through the use of lasers and digital photography.

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