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A Brave New World — Mapped for Your Convenience

Your Friend, the Robots.txt File

THE USUAL: Coverage of this month’s
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FEATURE: A Brave New World--Mapped for Your Convenience
Today geographically challenged web users are almost spoiled for choice. With the release of Google Maps slick interface and easy-to-use controls as well as its integration with Google Local, the mapping landscape became more accessible. Since then the digitally mapped world has really started to heat up as Microsoft promised then released in beta a rival to Google Maps.

BACK TO BASICS: Your Friend, the Robots.txt File

You've just built a new website and it's absolutely perfect. Visitors are going to love it and the search engines are going to love it even more. You know you have everything in order and you're ready to see those Top 10 Rankings show up any day now. However, when they do show up, you notice that the pages getting ranked are ones that you never intended the search engine spiders to find at all. Now what? A simple little text file, also known as the robots.txt is your answer.

Hot Topics

So Sue Me

Microsoft and Google face in court in this month's most engrossing court drama. A brief timeline of the saga:

  1. July 19, Google announces the hiring of Dr. Kai-Fu Lee to run their China research and development facility in a rare press release.
  2. Later the same day, Microsoft files a lawsuit against Google and Dr. Lee claiming breach of contract.
  3. July 22, Google countersues Microsoft, contending that the contract isn't binding in California where Google is based.
  4. July 28, a Washington state judge grants Microsoft a temporary restraining order to prevent Dr. Lee from going to work for Google.

Of course, the court of law isn't the only place that Google and Microsoft have been facing off lately. For more clashing of the titans, check out this month's feature article.


Yahoo is a mover and shaker this month, partnering with Motorola as well as becoming Boeing's in-flight wi-fi search partner.

Andy Beal resigned from WebSourced where he was Vice President of Marketing. Andy announced his resignation on his blog Search Engine Lowdown, then was asked to remove to post. He later updated with another explanation. Search Engine Lowdown is updated now by Garrett French.


Search Engine Strategies heads to San Jose next month.

Steve Berkowitz, CEO of Ask Jeeves, will be the keynote at SES San Jose.

After the sessions are over, the parties begin. Check out the SES Party thread at SEWForums for the scoop on all the events.


Yahoo's second quarter earnings were up 44% from the year previous, just missing analysts' expectations.

Google also reported earnings this month. The king of search increased its profits fourfold over last year.

Word on the Wire

Is Ask Jeeves about to launch their own PPC service? IAC's newest child is contracted with Google for paid search results until 2007 but industry buzz suggests that we might hear about a new service on August 1st. The real question is how will they manage the subsequent balancing act?

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